World Of Warships Adds Malaysian Ship KD Rahmat


If you’re a ship fan, you probably already play World of Warships. The game gets its Pan-Asian Cruisers event as the first event of the year. And as part of that, alongside several others, the game adds a ship inspired by the Malaysian ship Ex KD Rahmat.

Ex KD (Kapal Diraja) Rahmat has quite a story behind him. Commissioned in 1971, she was ordered from Yarrow Shipbuilders as Hang Jebat. It was initially configured as an anti-submarine warfare frigate. Then in 2000, as part of a routine refit, it was converted into the second training platform for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Source: War Games / YouTube.

It was then decommissioned in 2004 and turned into a museum ship at Lumut in 2011. Its life as a museum ship lasted until 2018, during which time it suffered two leaks – one in 2017 and one another in 2018. At that time, the ship was deemed unsalvageable and scrapped.

Ex KD Rahmat irl
Source: Ex-Rahmat Museum.

It should be noted that the real life Ex KD Rahmat was a frigate. Her World of Warships incarnation, on the other hand, was adapted as the Dido-class cruiser. It was also placed at Tier 6, with higher numbers usually translating into better ships. You can read more about the update, as well as the other ships added as part of it, by clicking the link below.

(Source: War games. Picture: Ex-Rahmat Museum)


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