With two days to kill in Hobart, Australia’s cricket team rounds MONA’s wall of vaginas – The Betoota Advocate



The Australian cricket team was left with time off after navigating the Hobart Test match in three days.

This came after two more classic English batting slumps, where the Tourists failed to score more than 200 runs in either innings, cutting two days off the game.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to enjoy the rare historic Ashes Test on Apple Island, that means our cricketers have to pass their time with something other than cricket while they’re in Hobart.

Considering there wasn’t much to do in Hobart on a Monday other than attend Salamanca markets and pay a high price for a hand-knitted tea blanket, the cricketers thought a trip at the cultural monument ‘MONA’ would be the best way to kill time, marveling at the marvels of modern art.

However, unbeknownst to them, MONA is home to some of Australia’s most controversial works of art, which makes sense given that the museum hosts the annual flagship ‘Dark Mofo’ event, notorious for a host of incidents including animal sacrifices, convulsions among the participants and a British flag soaked in the blood of a native.

So when the cricketers stumbled upon the infamous Great Vagina Wall, they were understandably stunned by the bold artwork, with most of the team seen erupting in a fit of laughter, – at the except for Marnus Labuschagne, who seemed strangely fascinated but disturbed by the plaster molding of vaginas. Or as he likes to call them, “hoohas”.

It was reported that the team spent a good twenty minutes chatting animatedly about their crash course in biology, before reluctantly heading off to the afternoon lunch prepared by coach Justin Langer.

Marnus was then found shortly afterwards doing a few more laps of the famous wall.

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