Why 36 Frankfurt-Elberta Students Visited This Manistee Museum Ship


MANISTEE – A group of approximately 36 eighth graders from schools in the Frankfort-Elberta area had the chance to visit the SS City of Milwaukee ship museum and learn about its connection to Frankfurt on Friday.

Brad Riedy, a social studies teacher, said the group included two social studies classes who came to Manistee to learn about the importance of car ferries and local connections to the area’s history.

“Rail ferries have played a major role in the economy of our community for a very long time, for almost 100 years and between that and the railways, anyone who has lived in our community will have had a relative who was part of it. of it,” Riedy said.

Another aspect of the tour was to show how economies change over time.

“What is also interesting is that there are the railways, but at the time a lot of people came to the region by boat,” he said.

Riedy said that much like tourism today, people in the days of car ferries and frequent use of passenger trains were drawn to northern Michigan “to enjoy the natural beauty.”

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The tour was split into two groups, one being led by tour guide Titus Lind.

Lind answered questions such as how many people would be in the wheelhouse on a shift and he showed the students the ship’s parts and equipment like chadburns, steam whistles, direction finder, pulleys and engine room.


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