Where to find all The Rise Of Skywalker minikits in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


With The Rise of Skywalker, we have reached the end of the line. If you played each episode in chronological order, this is the last segment of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. It’s time to realign the Force and put that damn Emperor in his place. And this is our last chance to get our hands on these adorable Minikits.

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Climb buildings, help a Gonk droid pull off a heist, and shoot so many droids out of thin air in your quest to acquire every last Minikit piece. This guide will show you the way. The path to the Minikits.

A jump and a jump

    Shoot stuff, get Minikit parts

The Minikits in this stage are going to arrive fast and furiously. The first question you probably have is about bifurcation paths. Fortunately, these seem largely superficial. Just keep flying and you should come across each of these Minikit parts. Generally speaking, as long as you shoot everything you see, you’ll likely get most of it. However, we will still go into a bit more detail.


One of the obstacles you will encounter will be a crane. The part of the “Crane and Gain” Minikit will hang there. Shoot it to claim it. A TIE Fighter will also fly while holding the “It’s Mine Now” minikit part. Take down the TIE Fighter and the Minikit part is yours.

Fly around, get Minikit parts

One of the Minikit parts will mimic a TIE fighter. Shoot it and you’ll get the “TIE in Disguise” minikit part. There will be a Minikit piece hugging a wall on the rightpartially obscured by steam. Shoot it and get the “Steam On!” Minikit part.

At one point, a droid will fly carrying a piece of Minikit. Take down the droid and you’ll get the “Dealing with Dodgy Droids” minikit part.

They fly now!

Shoot the droid with a piece of Minikit

In fgeneral, if you film everything that appears on the screen, you will be fine here. There really isn’t much hidden; they just appear on the screen. Yet here are the lot of them and when they appear.

Quite early in the scene, a droid will fly across the screen. Shoot that droid and you will get the “Sneaky Salvage Droid” minikit part. Following, a Stormtrooper will fly while holding a piece of Minikit. Get it down down and you will get the “Party Pooper Trooper” Minikit part. Then you go shoot down a TIE Fighter, which will earn you the “Bye-Bye, TIE!” Minikit part.

Shooting a TIE Fighter minikit

Keep playing and you’ll eventually start sliding down a narrow rocky corridor. There will be another flying Stormtrooper holding a piece of Minikit. Get it down and win the “Jet Trooper Sharp Shooter” minikit part. Finally, you will have another flying droid appears holding another piece of Minikit. Shoot it and you will be rewarded with the “Scrap Mishap” minikit part.

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C-3P-Oh no!

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, Episode 9, C-3P-Oh No!, Demi 3PO Minikit Piece

In the first section where you take out the Stormtroopers, use Rey to lift C-3PO and drop him in front of the “Upmarket Value” Minikit piece that is on the roof. Forward, in the area where you hide from the parading soldiers, have C-3PO dismantled, then push half of him through the open window with the Minikit part in it. This will earn you the “Disassembly Required” Minikit part.

Destroy the silver door to get a Minikit

In the court, use a villain class unit (or a hero unit wearing stormtrooper armor) to open the door with the silver brackets. Enter the room and collect the “Last Orders” minikit part. Finally, just before completing the mission, look left. There is a giant box that can be moved using the Force. Move it under the railing on the wall above. Jump, climb the wall, and climb onto the roof to claim the “Oversee Kijimi” minikit part.

Obtain the MINIkit on the roof

The last piece of the Minikit requires you to replay the mission in free play mode. At the very beginning, at the part with the spotlight, use a scavenger character to shoot a net at the wall. Climb up to enter a side area. One of the houses has an open window. Nearby is a Gonk droid. Use a force user to lift him up and push him through the window. Now it turns out you helped a career criminal! He stole a part of the Minikit. Hit it and you’ll get the “Things That Go Gonk in the Night” minikit piece.

The strength to do it

Find the first Minikit part in the scene

After beating Kylo’s first phase, look behind you. There is a door that can be destroyed with a lightsaber; cut it and get the “Sidetracked by Scavenger” minikit part. Jump over the debris and look for a ramp that leads up. YesYou will move through an area that has a number of pillars that you can jump on, leading to poles that you can swing on, and ending with the Minikit piece “Hardcore Parkour”.

The obstacle course Minikit piece

You will have to hunt three aliens. The first of these is in the area where you fight Kylo. The second will be in the room with the obstacles where you won the “Harcore Parkour” Minikit part. The last is unavoidable and will be encountered by BB-8 when helping Rey cross the pit at the end of the stage. Once you go down after the second conflict with Kylo Ren, you will be able to roll BB-8 through a small tunnel to acquire the “Pocket Explorer” minikit part.

BB-8 finds the last Minikit before fighting Kylo

The final Minikit is acquired by breaking obstacles around the first area where you fight Kylo Ren’s final stage. If this battle goes to the next phase, you will lose your ability to acquire this Minikit! So, focus on smashing everything before you even start fighting Kylo. Do this and you will get the Minikit part “It was like this when I got here”.

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To be with me

Backtrack to get the first Minikit

The first Minikit is to your right at the start of the Orbak section. Collect it and you will get the “Hurdle Race” Minikit part. If you miss it, you can go back and pick it up on foot. Now, in the section where the X-Wing comes crashing to the ground, there is a ladder which is blocked by a silver obstruction. Grab the Stormtrooper armor that litters the ground and throw a grenade at it. Then climb the ladder and get the “Ladder to Success” minikit part.

Second Minikit obtained on the ladder

Once you’ve beaten the stage boss, find the ship that’s attached to a terminal in this area. Hit it a bit, then use the blocks to complete the terminal. Now use a hero class character to interact with it. A ship will fly off and deliver the “Hacker’s Delight” minikit part to you.

Use the Force to get a Minikit part

The last two pieces of the Minikit require you to replay the mission in free play mode. Here you just need one Jedi to open the TIE-Fighter hatch which is collapsing. This will earn you the “Can’t TIE Me Down” minikit part. And you need a bounty hunter to shoot the golden object near the TIE Fighter, to get the “Fanfare” Minikit part.

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