What games can you play on Steam Deck


Steam Deck is almost here, but what’s the point of having one of the most anticipated gaming consoles of all time if you don’t know what games you can play when it finally lands? OK this is all a bit dramatic, there are a ton of reasons, but I still want to know what awaits me on the other side (and I’m sure you do too).

Valve’s Steam Deck will finally start shipping from the end of this month, but there’s a catch. Unless you’re ready to do some online magic, we’ll be waiting a little longer than our friends in the US for a Steam Deck.

Although Valve will start shipping the Deck to the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France from late February, the company is still pretty tight-lipped about what games you’ll be able to play. Luckily the internet exists and some decent humans helped us put together this list of Steam Deck games.

Valve Vapor Deck

If for some reason you’ve read this far and don’t know what I’m talking about, the Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device very similar to a Nintendo Switch, intended for handheld play of PC games.

Current list of compatible games on Steam Deck?

In theory, most PC games you can access through Steam should also work on Steam Deck, provided the tweaks are ironed out, of course. We explain this in the next section if you want to get ahead.

According to this list we came across it thanks to Twitter caption @Wario64 we’re starting to get a good idea. Portal 2 was the bridge first verified game. Safer SteamDBthe current list of Steam Deck compatible games is currently at 916. When we first published this article, the list was at 86, which made it much easier to list them all, but we’re not going to. Longer. 900, don’t worry, but you are guaranteed to be satisfied Something on the list. make sure Check themalthough.

Will be all Steam on deck?

Valve reviews the entire Steam catalog on Deck. After each game has been reviewed, it is ranked according to its level of compatibility with Steam Deck games. You’ll see these categories on Steam when browsing your library or purchasing games on Deck.

I jumped the gun a little bit before I explained How? ‘Or’ What Steam verifies games. There are four categories of Deck compatibility: checkedthat the game works great on Steam Deck, right out of the box, playablethat the game may require some manual adjustments on your part before you can play (such as manually selecting a community controller configuration, needing to use the touchscreen to navigate a launcher, etc.), non supportedthe game is currently not functional on Steam Deck and unknownwhich just means they haven’t checked for compatibility.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the Shop on your Deck is a section called “Great on Deck”. In this section you will find only the games that have the highest rating, verified.

Image: Valve Corporation

There are no games created More precisely for Deck, but it should be noted that Steam is also working with the industry to ensure that your gaming experience is not limited to Deck.

What games can’t Stem Deck play?

The team is currently working on a way to allow you to check the compatibility category of each of the games in your own library before Steam Deck launches.

But what we do know is that VR games are all not supported, just like games that Deck’s OS doesn’t yet work with.

As far as gameplay goes, while we haven’t gotten to grips with Valve’s handheld yet, we’ve gotten a taste of how games will run on it. We know the games run reasonably well on the tech, given the hands-on previews we’ve seen (including Linus’ tech tips preview below), but at the moment we don’t have any gameplay footage. outside the domain of pre-output models.

While waiting for the arrival of the Steam Deck, here is another video to get your fix:

We’ll keep this article updated as we learn more, so be sure to check back.


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