Valve Announces Steam Deck Will Ship Even Faster Than Expected After Exceeding Production Estimates


Valve has announced that buyers will receive their Steam Deck orders sooner than expected and once again the manufacturer has announced even more good news. In a recent post, the company announced that it has sent out invitations to those with reservations for the third quarter and is preparing to send out reservations for the fourth quarter.

Steam Deck news comes at a time when other consoles are struggling to cope with chip shortages

The news comes at a time when console shipments have experienced significant delays due to manufacturing issues. To be more specific, the reason many console shipments have been delayed is because of the shortage of semiconductors.

With PS5 and Xbox Series X restocking still suffering and buyers still struggling to buy the console at MSRP, Valve is already gearing up to serve more buyers. According to the story of comicsthe company has focused much of its efforts on improving the manufacturing and shipping process for Steam Decks.

The good news about Valve’s Steam Deck is set to continue throughout the year

Valve’s announcement comes at a time when many tech companies have fallen behind on deliveries due to shipping constraints. Besides volume, the company has also increased the rate at which the Steam Deck is shipped to customers.

The good news is that the trend should continue until the end of this year. Valve shared the post on their website saying that Steam Deck rates have been higher than they originally expected.

The third quarter schedule for deliverables has been filled in advance

To be more specific, the company announced that the Steam Deck shipments originally planned for the third quarter have already been made “before the end of the month”. This means that they are already starting to process Q4 orders.

Valve also announced the news on Twitter via the steam bridge account specifying that the period of Q3 was from July to September. The company also said that, as some people have noticed, it has increased the speed of its bookings.

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Steam Deck Q4 Deliverables Could Arrive Before Initial Expectations

The company says the reason for their speed boost is that they were able to beat their own estimates “once again” and have already emailed for all Q3 bookings. According to the comic, this means that if a buyer’s Steam Deck were to arrive in Q4, there’s a slight chance they’ll receive it before that time.

The article urges buyers to always keep an eye on their emails in order to move on immediately if Valve sends a notification that their Steam Deck is ready for purchase. The downside is that if an interested buyer hasn’t placed their pre-order in advance yet, they won’t receive an email and will still have to go through the whole process.

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