Toyota’s official automobile museum just added a Honda to its collection


When an automobile manufacturer sets up a museum, it is mostly about their cars. Examples of these include the GM Heritage Center, BMW Welt, and the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Some are even dedicated to a single model. For example, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

However, there are a few notable exceptions to this. There is the Henry Ford Museum in the United States and the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. The automakers who operate these places go so far as to celebrate the flagship models of their competitors. This time around it’s the Toyota Museum that has a new entrance, and its from their longtime Honda rivals.

We will no longer hold the suspense. The latest addition to the Toyota Automobile Museum is none other than the NSX. So why is it there, you ask? Let’s just say Toyota sees the importance of the Honda amidships.

Based on contemporary reviews and opinions of the first-gen NSX, the prospect of owning a supercar was much less stressful. Most road testers at the time would say it was crisp to drive thanks to its slimmer chassis, but still comfortable enough to ride home from the track. Was this Japan’s first European supercar drummer? In many ways, yes.

If you’re a little surprised by this gesture, then you’ll probably be happy with this little fact: The NSX isn’t the first Honda from the Toyota Automobile Museum. In fact, several Honda models were introduced before the supercar. Some of Honda’s highlights in this museum include the Sport 500 roadster, the tiny N360, and even the first-generation Civic.

The exhibition of different brands is what makes exhibitions such as the Toyota Automobile Museum a must visit for those who love all things automotive. You’ll even see non-Japanese cars on display, as well as racing and rally cars from yesteryear.


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