This sanctioned Russian tycoon has played every trick in the book to prevent his ex-wife from taking his beloved $360 million exploration yacht, but his luck has now run out as German authorities want to seize it. The ship is so powerful that it can propel a city of 25,000 people.


Luna, one of the world’s greatest luxury explorers, has seen not one but two oligarch owners – first Roman Abramovich and then Farkhad Akhmedov; both of which failed to make the most of his mindless disbelief. Luna has known more restlessness moored than on rough waters despite her greatness and excellence. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this breathtaking explorer superyacht can’t take a break. Luna was at the center of tumultuous divorce proceedings between landlord Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana Akhmedova. Their battle has been dubbed the most expensive family feud in history since a London High Court judge awarded Akhmedova a $460 million divorce payout in 2017, according to national news.

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Ms Akhmedova was hoping to own the magnificent nine-deck ship worth $353 million. While the couple are fighting in court, this magnificent luxury yacht is languishing, moored in Port Rashid in Dubai for more than two years. She tried every trick in the book (details below) to acquire the megayacht, but the lavish Luna was the only asset Ms. Akhmedova couldn’t win.

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One could imagine that the Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire would finally have the best time of his life aboard the magnificent megayacht. Yet a year later, the threat of losing Luna continues to hang over his head thanks to his inclusion in the list of sanctioned oligarchs. The two reasons authorities haven’t seized Luna in Hamburg, Germany are its repair work over the past few months. The other reason, as with the majority of oligarch yachts, is to prove ownership. However, Automatic evolution According to some media sources, the German authorities could be ready to seize him as soon as he tries to leave.

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Let’s take a look at the luxurious Luna in detail:
Luna is a massive ship boasting nine decks, an expansive swimming pool, and a mini-submarine. The 377ft has been in the news ever since it was commissioned by its famous owner in 2010. Roman Abramovich was the first famous owner, who did little to take advantage of this incredible asset. Four years later, Luna was purchased by new owners in 2014. According to international boat, the Akhmedovas spent a season aboard the luxury ship cruising the Mediterranean, but soon left it for an extensive refit. This complete refit (modified spaces, updated upholstery and equipment) left the fantastical and feature-rich vessel wrapped up in her five-year survey.

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Much like the monumental yacht Dilbar, Luna has not just one but two helipads. Another similarity between the two superyachts is their generous swimming pool. Luna had a fabulous and famous swimming pool, the largest ever seen on a superyacht at the time, until Dilbar showed up in 2015. The lower deck has two annexe garages, a well-equipped gym and an impressive beach club with a spa, steam room, plunge pool and sauna. Luna initially sported a massive television at her beach club, which was eliminated for good reason. “Who wants to see a huge TV in a beach club?” asked his representative. “Luna is a boat to relax! There are 80 other televisions on board.

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To accommodate at least 20 guests, Luna has ten large VIP rooms. The lower deck is dedicated to a crew of 52 with upgraded cabins, modern amenities and stylish interiors. Boat International shared that the one aspect of Luna that stands out is the large and impressive engine room. Besides the volume dedicated to the accommodation of engines and electric motors, it is a clean and polished space, unlike any other ship. “It’s the cleanest engine room I’ve ever worked in,” reports chief engineer James Burden — the result of a meticulous owner who regularly visits crew areas.

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Luna is the epitome of luxury with water toys on board, including two water limousines worth millions. Luna is believed to be home to two bespoke multi-purpose rescue limos at nearly $4 million each.

When his ex-wife hired former special forces soldiers to seize the yacht:
“Some things in life are worth fighting for; in the case of Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov and Tatiana Akhmedova, it was the superyacht Luna. The couple quarreled fervently for this magnificent 320 million dollars. Temur Akhmedov, 27, their son, was also involved in the bitter divorce, albeit in a supporting role (his mother accused him of supporting the father and acting as his “lieutenant” to hide a fortune from nearly $99 million due to her).

Tatiana did the unthinkable to seize her prized luxury ship and hired ex-SBS agents. Dubai’s highest court has dismissed Tatiana’s appeal to capture the Luna despite the employment of former special forces, but her battle for the yacht continued in the Marshall Islands. In the final settlement, Tatiana accepted money and art, among other things ($460 million by the court), but Luna stayed out of her reach.

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If it’s not the ex-wife, authorities can get the luxury ship:
Despite the end of his divorce debacle in court, Farkhad Akhmedov is not in a peaceful place and lives with the threat of losing his pride and possession of the luxury yacht Luna to the German authorities. Proactive German authorities wait for repairs to be completed; just as the megayacht Luna attempts to depart, they plan to seize it from the Port of Hamburg. German officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office in the Port of Hamburg also captured Alisher Usmanov’s $600 million yacht Dilbar. An investigation into the ‘offshore cover-up’ of early Facebook investor Usmanov revealed that the owner of the 500-foot-long Dilbar was Usmanov’s sister, Gulbakhor Ismailova. She is also on the sanctions list.

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Journalist Philippe Ecstein from ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, a television studio in Berlin, follows the movements of the yacht Luna and tweets updates. After confirmation from Marine Traffic, he tweeted, “Hamburg authorities tell me credibly: wrong! The “Luna” is still in the port of Hamburg for repairs and is currently not fit to go anywhere. Additionally, a spokesperson for the shipyard has just confirmed that the vessel remains in a dock in Hamburg. #Jacht #Megajacht #Megayacht #Luna 2/x.’

Farkhad Akhmedov.

About Farkhad Akhmedov:
This Azerbaijani businessman and former Russian politician began by trading furs in international markets. Later, he founded and managed the Tansley Trading Company specializing in the supply of equipment for the oil and gas industry of the USSR and the trading of petroleum and petroleum products. Akhmedov is an integral part of the list of the 200 richest people in Russia, according to the Russian version of Forbes magazine.

In 1998, the self-made billionaire bought a 44% stake in another investor, Bechtel Energy, and became chairman of Nortgas. Besides the magnificent motor yacht Luna, which he bought from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, the tycoon also owns the painting Untitled Yellow and Blue by American artist Mark Rothko for $46.5 million.


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