The Spring Fling Motor Show will line the streets of the Sukanen Ship Museum on June 4


Cars will be parked along the streets of Sukanen Village like a busy Saturday in the good old days.

Vintage car enthusiasts will have a day of dreamy wishes and memories of the good old days as the Sukanen Ship Museum presents the annual Spring Fling car show on Saturday, June 4.

“It will be a great time for everyone,” said auto show coordinator Rob Downton.

“People love our car show because there’s more to it than looking at cars. They can come and bring the family all day and see the museum and everything.

“People appreciate that we don’t charge for incoming cars – just for the extra people in the car.”

Regular door admission applies to visitors with a 10am start and 4pm finish.

Drivers can register upon arrival.

Cars will be parked along the streets of Sukanen Village like a busy Saturday in the good old days.

The museum will also display a number of vehicles belonging to the museum.

“The last we had (in 2019) we had 157 cars. That’s not counting the cars in the museum. Special interest vehicles and pre-1980 vehicles are welcome.

“We get cars from all over the province and out of province — Medicine Hat, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Weyburn, Estevan, Regina.

“We get car groups and car clubs coming to the show.” The Regina North Siders plan to attend with their vehicles.

An unknown is the number of cars coming from Regina. We are competing with a police car show in Regina.

The fifth annual Motor Model Show will complement the auto show with exhibits in one of the buildings.

The last few years have seen complex steam and engine models from all over the province.

The museum concession and other food vendors will help fill grumbling stomachs.

A decorated vintage cooler will be raffled off at the show. Called Coolerator, the cooler predated household refrigerators.

Every day the ice man would come by with his horse and cart and leave a block of ice for the cooler to keep the food fresh.

Downton rescued the old cooler from a yard sale, had it restored, and gave it away for the raffle.

The museum is located 13 km south of Moose Jaw on Highway 2.


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