The Road to Town Meeting: Your Guide to the 2022 Nantucket Town Annual Meeting


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The Nantucket Annual Municipal Meeting is scheduled to begin Monday, May 2 in the Nantucket High School auditorium. Voters will weigh in on 107 items, including nearly two dozen zoning bylaw changes and 31 citizen petitions.

Below is your guide to this year’s Annual Municipal Meeting, including the entire Terms of Reference ratified by the Select Committee, the Town Moderator’s Guide to the Traditions and Procedures of the Municipal Assembly and I&M stories on many discussion items.

This page will be updated as new content is added.

The mandate of the annual municipal meeting 2022 with the recommendations of FinCom

Town Meeting Traditions and Procedures

2022 Annual Municipal Meeting Zoning Maps

The article would change the composition of the “broken” NP&EDC
(April 7, 2022) Hillary Hedges Rayport is pushing for a bylaws petition that would revise the structure of the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission. Read more

The ban on fertilizers under debate in the municipal assembly
(April 7, 2022) Joe Minella moved that the town assembly support a bylaws petition establishing legislation that would ban the use of fertilizers on the entire island, except for agricultural purposes. Read more

Poll: banish spas from historic neighborhoods
(March 31, 2022) After reading the results of a new poll that found nearly 80% of people surveyed in historic areas of the city would support banning spas and hot tubs in their neighborhoods, Anne Dewez had a single question. Read more

Former Easy Street restaurant gets ConCom approval for demolition
(March 11, 2022) The vacant building on the corner of Easy Street and Broad Street that once housed Schooner’s and Easy Street restaurants is one step closer to demolition. Article 91 authorizes the municipality to acquire the property. Section 92 authorizes him to assign any part of it to the Land Bank, the county or the Steamship Authority. Read more

Schools suspend grass pitch plans
(March 10, 2022)
Dr Tim Lepore said he now plans to run for another term on the school board next year, so he can continue to be a thorn in the side of artificial turf supporters. Although school officials have suspended plans for the grass fields for at least a year, the doctor and school board chairman said that in a year he expects the island to face the same problem. Read more

Select Board seeks to fund housing costs for city employees
(March 9, 2022) City officials want to present a proposal to the city assembly to provide rent and mortgage assistance for city employees, a month after realizing the city has more money to work with than they hadn’t originally planned. Read more

Fees, bridges weigh on short-term rental items
(February 24, 2022) Matt Fee calls it a red herring. In official language, this is called a “quality of life issue”. It’s an argument that has come to the fore in the ongoing debate over short-term vacation rentals, and board member Fee thinks it misses the point. Read more

Select Board undecided on short-term rental items
(February 23, 2022)
The select committee is undecided on the three papers from the city’s annual meeting dealing with short-term vacation rentals in Nantucket. Read more

Select Board promotes indoor shooting range on city property near airport
(February 16, 2022) The Select Board is unanimous in its preference for an indoor shooting range on the nine-acre Shadbush Road property east of Nantucket Memorial Airport where the city has been caught in the middle of a two-decade dispute between the Nantucket Hunting Association and neighbors on the potential lead contamination of the proposed range. A vote for a 50-year lease for a shooting range on the property heads to the annual town hall meeting in May. Read more

FinCom Supports City Short-Term Rental Articles, Recommends No Action on ACK•Now Article
(February 16, 2022) The finance committee is following the lead of the planning board in supporting city proposals to regulate short-term vacation rentals. FinCom voted to approve two city-sponsored articles, one formalizing short-term rentals in the city by-law, and another that would create a rent registration and enforcement program through the Council of health. Read more

Planning Council recommends zoning change for short-term rentals
(February 10, 2022) The Planning Board is recommending that the voters of the Municipal Assembly approve a zoning change allowing short-term vacation rentals throughout the island provided that a separate registration, inspection and application also be adopted. Read more

Housing Bank Rules Petition Receives Positive Recommendation
(February 3, 2022) Nantucket’s bylaw petition allowing the city to levy fees on real estate transactions to be used for affordable housing was favorably reported by the Beacon Hill Joint Committee on Revenue on Wednesday. This was one of eight similar House Rules petitions to be forwarded by the same committee. Read more

Planning Council recommends doing nothing on articles about spas
(February 3, 2022) The planning board is recommending that City Assembly voters take no action on several proposed changes to hot tub and swimming pool bylaws. Read more

Town Meeting voters will consider capital spending of $65 million
(February 3, 2022) Proposed capital projects and real estate acquisitions totaling nearly $65 million will be discussed at this year’s annual municipal meeting, covering everything from $8.5 million for the design of Our Island Home to a $16.4 million school-wide outdoor sports complex renovation. Most, if not all, projects will require waivers of debt exclusion, temporary property tax increases that must also be approved by the ballot box. Read more

Short-term rentals will return to Town Meeting
(January 27, 2022) The town planning council voted to include in the terms of reference for the town meeting a zoning article allowing short-term vacation rentals throughout the island, formalizing a long-standing practice that has become increasingly popular these years due to the advent of online platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Read more

Select Board approves 107-item ATM topped with short-term vacation rentals
(January 26, 2022) Regulations on short-term rental, affordable housing, and new island home design funding top a 107-item term of office from the annual municipal meeting unanimously approved by the select committee on Wednesday evening. Read more

Spending for Our Island Home, COVID-19 and PFAS response, and coastal resilience included in $121.5 million
(December 8, 2021) City officials are proposing a $121.5 million city budget for next year, including spending on Our Island Home, a citywide PFAS assessment, efforts to coastal resilience, a risk mitigation plan, COVID-19 response, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and other projects. Read more

Topless beaches? A citizen article could make it happen
(November 18, 2021) Dorothy Stover wants women to have the same right as men to be topless on public and private beaches. His citizen article is one of 31 that cover a wide range of proposals, including new regulations on short-term rentals, restrictions on swimming pools and hot tubs and a ban on the use of fertilizers, which will be presented to voters at the Annual 2022 Municipal Assembly on May 2. Read more

Open Town Meeting under review for possible changes
(October 7, 2021) Eight hours later, the crowd at the town hall had shrunk from 922 to 130, leaving about 1.3% of registered voters to decide the fate of a number of bylaws and zoning changes. It was in June. At another low-attendance town meeting three years ago, there weren’t enough voters to reach a quorum, forcing large-scale funding requests off the table. Read more

School officials lay out plans for $17.5 million sports complex
(October 7, 2021) School officials hope the fourth time is the charm of a funding proposal for a new baseball field and tennis courts off Backus Lane. The pitches and courts are part of a package of improvements in an ongoing campus-wide master plan that also includes a new artificial-turf soccer field, soccer fields, running track, lights and bleachers. Read more

Government Study Committee: Consider a change for the town meeting
(September 29, 2021) City officials are considering an overhaul of Nantucket’s form of government, replacing the open public meeting system the city has used for decades with a representative town meeting, where wards would nominate representatives to attend the annual meeting . Read more

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