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LOS ANGELES, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Particle collectionan NFT gateway to shaping the art world, is proud to announce its third event hosted by the Particle Foundation at Praz-Delavallade and the first time particle holders see Banksy’s physical coinLove is in the air (2005), after the launch and sale of particles.

Particle Collection breaks down fine art, making it more collectible and accessible. Each piece gives owners access to a community museum and a voice in the future of fine art. Through gallery events, such as the LIITA Effect exhibition, Particle Collection in tandem with the Particle Foundation is leveraging blockchain to bring more people into the art collecting space, bringing more art in the world for people to see.

Presenting The LIITA effect – a group exhibition curated by Daniel Sierra Dominguez and Bailey Jane open to the Los Angeles community from June 3-7, 2022. The name of the exhibition is a reflection of Banksy’s iconic masterpiece from the Particle Foundation Love is in the air (2005), known worldwide as one of the most powerful anti-war images. Particle Foundation has invited a selection of contemporary artists; Abi Salami, Michael Reder, Naila Opiangah and Gucci Phantom to respond directly to the work from a reflection on their respective practices.

The week-long exhibition will feature a variety of exclusive bespoke events and experiential experiences around the exhibition, including: The Artist Talk, The Gallery Tour and The Merch Drop.

The exhibition
The exhibition will be open from June 3 to 6, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on June 7, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Next to Banksy’s play, the exhibition will feature cutting-edge contemporary artists who have responded to Banksy love is in the air works of art from their unique perspectives and practices. Featuring fresh new illustrations by: Michael Reeder, Naila Opiangah, Gucci Ghost and Abi Salami. During the exhibition, the holders of Particles will be able to interact with by Banksy room through artificial reality (AR). Particle Holders will be able to experience their own particles through AR effects, extending this functionality to Particle Holders who cannot attend the event can still take advantage of the functionality they can use from home.

The artist’s speech
The Artist Talk will be hosted by Particle at Praz Delavallade on June 3, 2022 at 6:30 p.m., where Particle holders and the Los Angeles community can participate in an evening of intimate discussion between curator and consultant Daniel Sierra Dominguez, star up-and-coming Abi Salami and Naila Opiangah, who is hotly following the success of his recent multidisciplinary collab with Chance the Rapper titled “Child of God.”

Visiting the gallery
The Particle Collection will host private gallery tours in the sprawling new LA space at PACE Gallery on June 4 at 2 and 4 p.m. Particle holders and the Los Angeles community can join guided tours with art experts to walk and tell you about the collection with key gallery pieces designed by groundbreaking James Turrell.

The decline of the commodity
In collaboration with Andrew Totah, artist and designer, Totah has created 100 unique limited edition t-shirts that will be available for purchase during show hours. Andrew Totah has worked with Louis Vuitton and Mira Mikati.

“Particle NFTs will provide access to a community that rewards its holders with benefits and experiences in the art world that enhance their understanding of the value of art,” said Harold Eytan, CEO of Particle Collection. “Each new artwork acquired is split into 10,000 NFT particles, providing governance tokens for each parcel owned, decentralizing decision making regarding future art purchases and museum decisions. At Particle, we believe that the more collective knowledge we share around art, the more art will be valued.

Given the political climate we face today, as the world once again witnesses the tragedy of war, Particle Foundation shares one of the most famous anti-war paintings in history with a timeless ascendancy for recall the power that artists have to convey not only the human condition, nuances and responses to war but also to human liberation from the overwhelming forces of political crime and death.

“The goal of the Particle Foundation is to bridge the gap between the traditional physical art world and the NFT space by inspiring the two sectors to understand and learn about each other, as well as find innovative ways to work collaboratively,” said Charlotte Eytan, Director of the Particle Foundation. . “We are thrilled to be in Los Angeles for our third Banksy event and plan to continue partnering with museums and galleries around the world as we grow the collection. On our way to Europe after Los Angeles, particle holders have the opportunity to vote for which city in Europe they would like to see the collection tour, supporting our goal of a community-powered museum.

As the collection tours the world, the Particle Foundation aims to host more exhibitions around the centerpiece purchased for the collection and to include emerging and established artists to respond to works that will be acquired in the future.

About the Particle Foundation
The Particules Foundation is the first Web3 gallery and museum of its kind, combining the management of traditional institutions with the exclusivity of a private collection and traveling exhibitions for particle holders. Particles represent a minority property in works held in the Particle collection, becoming an NFT gateway to shaping the art world today. Particle Collection is the result of creating a new class of art curators and collectors empowered to collectively shape the future of art.

About Particle Collection
Particle’s unique model is disruptive while providing benefits to all ecosystem participants. The technical and legal structure of Particle divides fine art masterpieces into unique “plots” called Particles: NFTs that represent unique collectible items in paintings. People can trade and collect art while benefiting from the governance of a citizen-run museum. Art collectors and artists enjoy unique tax benefits and earning potential. Investors get quick cash while enjoying a long-term benefit.

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