The Last Starship devs show off mining ships and player feedback


The first developer update video for The Last Starship focused on combat, which I think looked pretty fancy. The second developer update video for Introversion’s Space-Everything game says, hey, this game isn’t about combat, and talks about user-made ships, mining ships, and, in one video additional, from the first opinions of the players on the playtest.

Here is the update video:

The Last Starship let in a small slice of players to do some testing via Steam last month, and the result is lots of people building and sharing their ship designs. Much of the video above is devoted to showcasing these user-created ships, which are far larger than anything the developers had built themselves. Big enough for the unoptimized game to huff a bit when rendering them.

After that, they switch to showing mission types that aren’t the combat sorties we saw in the first video. The idea behind The Last Starship is that you build a ship, or a fleet of ships, and then take on different types of missions that put your creations to the test. It’s a bit Prison Architect, a bit FTL, a bit all game-spaces-in-one.

In another video posted this week, developers Chris Delay and Mark Morris broke down the numbers behind the game’s (extremely) smooth launch. wishes on Steam, for example. The most interesting figures are the questionnaire they sent to the players, asking them their opinion on the current test version, their interest in future updates and their favorite features. 44% of gamers said they were “completely stuck”.

It’s the start of The Last Starship, but I always appreciate the developers being open about their progress. If you want to get involved, The Last Starship is not yet available for purchase but you can request access to playtests on Steam.


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