The Jefferson Museum announces the date for the October Open House.


The Jefferson Township Museum, also known as George Chamberlain House, will have an open house on Sunday, October 2, from 1 to 4 p.m. Free entry. Currently, the museum is exhibiting the second part of its series of exhibits of Victorian Gothic novel authors.

The featured exhibition ‘Of Madmen, Moors and Mourning’ will feature an exhibition and discussion of mourning traditions in the Victorian era. Featured are works by Poe, Stevenson and the Brontë sisters; exhibits include antique clothing and reproductions from the Victorian era. Tours will be led by guides and guides dressed in Victorian-era clothing.

The museum is located at 315 Dover-Milton Road, Jefferson Township. Be sure to visit Miss Elizabeth’s Shoppe in the basement, which was the home’s original kitchen. The Shoppe is full of new and vintage items for sale. Visit the Miss Elizabeth Gardens which surround the museum and are botanically labeled for identification.

For more information, see the Jefferson Township’s Historical Society website at, email Jefferson Township Historical Society President Christine Williams at [email protected] net, or email the museum curator at [email protected] report. More updates can be found on the museum’s Facebook page.


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