Sugar Land Skeeters rebranded as Space Cowboys – SportsLogos.Net News


The Triple-A baseball team from Sugar Land, Texas made it official today after news leaked last week they are now the Space Cowboys. The new identity, unveiled this afternoon, features an astronaut whose visor reflects a field of stars, and who wears a cowboy hat and bandana, paying homage to both cowboy culture and to the predominant aeronautical industry in the region.

Of course, the space theme in the new look isn’t just about the fact that NASA’s Johnson Space Center is just a moon jump away. The name change comes just a year after the team moved from the ranks of unaffiliated pro teams to the Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, just 20 miles away. So, the team’s new color scheme includes the parent club’s orange and black, along with a few different blues.

Additional markings include a tilted SL with a large orange star (or possibly a lens flare) surrounded by light blue and filled with stars, as well as a rocket on a design that hints at but isn’t quite the flag of the State of Texas.

The new identity replaces the Sugar Land Skeeters brand that the team had used since its inception in 2012 as an independent team in the Atlantic League. The Skeeters played through 2019 in the Atlantic League, didn’t play in 2020 due to COVID, then played one season in the Triple-A West in 2021 before the rebranding was announced. ‘today.

They will make their home debut as the Space Cowboys on Tuesday, April 12 against local rivals the Round Rock Express.


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