Steam Deck spares coming soon via iFixit


Source: Windows Central / Miles Dompier

Repairing your own Steam Deck is about to get easier. iFixit’s Kevin Purdy shared with The edge that the company will soon be selling spare parts for the Steam Deck. Parts are expected to start shipping in the summer of 2022, allowing owners of the gaming device to swap out components.

iFixit has not confirmed which parts it will ship for the Steam Deck. Based on an official teardown of Valve’s Steam Deck, there’s a good chance users can swap out the Steam Deck’s controllers and SSD. Valve’s video shows how to replace components, including controllers, but also warns people against opening the Steam Deck.

“Even though this is your PC – or it will be once you receive your Steam Deck – and you have every right to open it up and do whatever you want, at Valve we don’t really don’t recommend opening it,” the video warns. “The Steam Deck is a very well-designed system, and the parts are chosen carefully for this product with its specific construction, so they’re not really designed to be user-interchangeable.”

While the Steam Deck is much larger than the nintendo switch, it is still a relatively compact system. Opening it and swapping parts can be tricky for those inexperienced with cramped components.

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The Steam Deck lets you take your Steam library on the go. It’s available in three configurations, letting you choose the one that best suits your setup for gaming on the go.

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