Spruce Peak Arts will host a discussion on business and human rights


On Saturday, November 12 at 7:00 p.m. ET, the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center will host The Business of Freedom: How Markets Can Support Democracy and Counter Authoritarianism, a live chat between General Joseph Votel, USA (Retired) and Michael Abramowitz , president of Freedom House, on the economic consequences of global democratic decline and how business can fight authoritarianism, support human rights and help build a safer and more prosperous world.

Freedom and democracy have declined around the world for 16 consecutive years, with a corresponding global increase in authoritarianism. Throughout the 20th century, the business community was instrumental in the victory of democratic governments over undemocratic forces such as Nazi fascism and Soviet communism. Since the end of the Cold War and the apparent triumph of democracy over totalitarianism, America’s economy has become increasingly intertwined with those of rising and aspiring superpowers like India, China, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, all of which have taken a pronounced authoritarian turn. in the last decade and a half.

Michael Abramowitz is president of Freedom House, the oldest democracy and human rights organization in the United States. Previously, he served as director of the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and is the former national editor and White House correspondent for the Washington Post.

General Joseph Votel (retired) is president and CEO of Business Executives for National Security and a member of the board of directors of Freedom House. General Votel is a retired four-star U.S. Army officer and most recently the Commander of U.S. Central Command – responsible for U.S. and coalition military operations in the Middle East, Levant, and Central Asia and North America. South. Prior to his assignment to CENTCOM, he served as Commander of United States Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command.

Special thanks to sponsors Front Porch Forum and Topnotch Resort for their generous support.

In-person and live tickets will be offered for the discussion, and will be $25 for one person and $10 for a live stream. Youth (12 and under) tickets are available free of charge (pre-registration required). Please contact Julianne Nickerson, [email protected], for student or educator discounts.

For more information or to purchase tickets for any event, visit sprucepeakarts.org or call 802.760.4634.


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