Santa’s grave found? Last home of Saint Nicholas discovered in Turkey


More than 1,600 years after his death, archaeologists have discovered the tomb of Saint Nicholas, the saint behind the famous tradition of “Santa Claus”, whose birthday is celebrated on December 25 each year as than “Christmas Day”. The tomb of Santa Claus was discovered in the south of Turkey, in the district of Antalya. Centuries ago, the original church was located in the town of Demre, a town in the same district. However, it was submerged in the Mediterranean due to rising sea levels. Previously, the mortal remains were believed to have been looted and siphoned off at Bari in Italy. However, now the new consensus says that the looters took someone else’s remains in Turkey.

“The Church St. Nicholas Walked On Has Been Unearthed”: Cultural Heritage Preservation Council

After the original St. Nicholas Church was submerged, locals built another to protect Santa’s grave. Archaeologists recently found a stone floor and mosaics underneath, which led them to the tomb of St. Nicholas. Speaking to Demirören news agency, the head of the provincial council for the preservation of cultural heritage in Antalya, Osman Eravsar said: “The first church was submerged with the rising Mediterranean Sea, and a few centuries later, a new church was built above. reached the remains of the first church and the ground on which Saint Nicholas walked. The floor tiles of the first church, on which Saint Nicolas walked, have been unearthed. The Demiroren news agency tweeted in English: “11th century murals unearthed in St. Nicholas #Memorial Museum The murals in the #memorial museum of St. Nicholas, known as ‘#Santa Claus’ , are being cleared and strengthened #Demre #Santa Claus”.

Saint Nicholas was known for his generosity

Saint Nicholas, a Christian bishop of Greek descent, walked the Earth around 270 and 343 AD and lived in the region known today as Turkey. Not much is known about his life except that he performed several miracles and was generous. He is the figure behind Santa Claus. Legend has it that he helped three poor sisters by giving them each a bag of gold coins so they could pay their dowry. However, he couldn’t embarrass them by giving them the money in public. So he slipped inside their house at midnight to quietly guard the rooms. But, their father saw the Saint keeping the second bag and expressed his gratitude. The Saint made him promise not to tell anyone. The accuracy of the story remains unknown, but has been passed down from generation to generation. The name “Santa Claus” is the Dutch version of the name of St Nicholas- Sinter Klaas, the shorter version of Sint Nikolaas.


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