Rose Hill Museum in Bay Village dresses up for vacation tours


BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – The Rose Hill Museum has exhibited Christmas lights from the late 1800s and an 1897 Christmas menu in the house built in 1818 by Joseph and Lydia Cahoon.

The house is located in today’s Cahoon Park.

The Cahoon couple, according to the Cleveland Historical Team, landed in 1810 on the south shore of Lake Erie and eventually built a house on a hill later named Rose Hill that would be the family home “for the next 117 years. “.

They made a living by building a flour mill and a sawmill and by operating a fishery.

A typical Christmas menu at the Rose Hill Museum from 1897 will seem oddly familiar to visitors. (Linda Gandee, special for

Today, Rose Hill is a museum that invites locals to come and see what life was like in the 1800s in Bay Village (originally known as Dover).

It’s a pleasure to walk through the door with the low ceilings and see the four rooms downstairs and the four rooms upstairs where the couple’s 12 children were raised – a feat in such a small house that can take a visitor’s breath away. .

For the holidays, the museum has brought out some Christmas items that are worth seeing.

First, the Christmas “lights” of the late 1800s. Thomas Edison held the patent. The lights are quite small and reflect the evolution of Christmas celebrations at the start of the American era.

In the small dining room, the table is set for dinner, and a menu is displayed from a list of what Christmas dinner probably looked like at the time. Interesting that it’s not much different from what we eat today.

Roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing, cranberry jelly, sweet potato croquettes, and frozen ginger sorbet were included – to name a few of the dishes listed.

The menu reproduced indicates that the list is from the Ladies Home Journal magazine for December 1897.

Tour guides are plentiful and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the house and the family.

If you’ve never visited the Rose Hill Museum, consider it an exciting history walk for the whole family. For more information visit

The museum is located at 27715 Lake Road in Bay Village.

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