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It was with great sadness that I learned that Manly’s penultimate original ferry, Baragoola, previously operated by the Port Jackson & The Manly Steamship Company had sunk, two weeks before its 100th anniversary. MV Baragoola was built at Morts Dock Balmain in 1922, she served with the Port Jackson &; Manly Steamship Company for 50 years. Baragoola was included in the sale of the business to Brambles in April 1972. It underwent a major redevelopment in 1974. In December 1974 the Manly service was taken over by the NSW State Government and its traditional colors of Manly ferry green, cream and brown has been replaced by the blue and white of the Public Transport Commission. After freshwater was delivered in 1982, Baragoola was retired on January 8, 1983, earning significant media coverage during her final service run. She has served all the people of Sydney for 61 years. The name Baragoola is aboriginal and means “rising tide”. Baragoola was a 498 ton, 61 meter long double ended ferry. During her lifetime, she could carry up to 1523 passengers. She was originally steam powered but converted to diesel/electric in the early 1960s. Still easy to identify Baragoola had a single funnel unlike her sisters who both had two funnels. As a child I traveled with my mum, two brothers and sister from our home in Belmore via the Manly Ferry to visit my grandmother in Harbord (now Freshwater) quite often in Baragoola. At that time, you had traveling musicians and lollipop sellers on board. Mum often took us to the peace and quiet of the Ladies Lounge, from another era. I loved crossing Les Têtes, especially in heavy weather. The Baragoola was moored at Balls Head coal loader in Sydney, where she has been undergoing restoration for some years. The Baragoola Preservation Society owned the ferry but had just passed ownership to a new owner. NSW Police said two people contacted Fire and Rescue for help around 10.30pm on Saturday January 1 after the vessel started taking on water and eventually sank. Thank you Baragoola for the memories. Your likes won’t come back. Local auto news every Saturday at 5 a.m. on 101.5 Great Lakes FM and 10 a.m. on 106.5 Rhema FM. Also Sunday 2pm on 103.3 2TLP 2pm every Tuesday on 101.5 Great Lakes FM. Road Ramblings can also be heard worldwide on the web by going to You can now find and listen to Road Ramblings on Facebook. Take a look and give us a like.



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