Repairs to reopen the USS Arizona Memorial’s coastal dock begin Wednesday

  • BRUCE ASATO / 2019

    Similar dock issues closed the USS Arizona Memorial for more than two weeks in September.

Repairs to the now closed USS Arizona Memorial’s coastal dock will begin Wednesday after Navy crews determine the best solution is to remove the damaged dock ramp via a crane to repair another broken coupling, a the National Park Service said today in a statement.

The park service said it was alerted to the faulty connection on Sunday and “in the interest of public safety and resources, a decision has been made to suspend public programs via the US Navy’s white boats to the memorial. of the USS Arizona “.

The shore quay, which is used to board passengers for the short boat ride to the memorial above the sunk battleship, was down for 17 days in September. A steel collar that connects the quay to the ramp bridge had been severed due to wake movement and tides. The ramp had slipped and was at risk of falling into the water, officials said.

“The (new) problem is located in the same area as the previous shore quay problem. It’s not the steel collar, but it’s in the same general area, ”Parks Service spokeswoman Emily Pruett said.

Once repairs are complete, the dock ramp will be reinstalled and stress tested, including allowing the USS Arizona Navy detachment to practice docking and departing with the white boats.

“Operations will resume when National Park Service and US Navy personnel determine conditions are safe enough for white boats to use the dock ashore,” the park service said.

The grounds of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, museums, and the park’s movie (on the open-air porch) are still accessible, officials noted. Visitors can still join the Pacific Historic Parks audio tour and visit the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and Battleship Missouri Memorial.


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