PT TIMAH Tbk: Tin Tour at Muntok Indonesia Tin Museum


Tin Tour at Muntok Indonesia Tin Museum

February 05, 2022

BANGKA BARAT – The city of Muntok in the West Bangka Regency region has various tourism potentials. Not only its natural beauty, but also its historic tourist appeal.

If you visit Bangka Barat, it’s incomplete if you don’t visit the Indonesian Tin Museum in Muntok.

At MTI Muntok we can look back on the history of tin mining right down to the tools used from time to time in tin mining.

MTI Muntok is located in the heart of Muntok city. In the museum, 70% exhibits pewter history, the rest contains national, Malay and international history. MTI also has a WWII gallery.

MTI Muntok has been designated as cultural heritage of West Bangka since its inauguration on December 13, 2013. Today, MTI has become a tourist attraction and one of the tourist destinations for visitors, locals and even foreigners when visiting Bangka barat.

According to MTI Chairman Muntok Fakhrizal, MTI is a supporter of tourism in West Bangka. MTI presents historical tours not only of the building, but its contents will also inspire visitors to explore all facets of the museum.

At MTI Muntok, we can also view various historical artifacts as well as various other interesting collections.

“MTI supports West Bangka tourism and West Bangka tourism. Besides tourists visiting the building,” he said.

Don’t worry, if you visit MTI, you will also be accompanied by a guide who will explain every story of MTI Muntok to you. Apart from reading, you can also chat with MTI guides.

“There are three people guiding the museum as well as local tour guides, they already have knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of the city of Muntok, as well as knowledge of English,” he said. -he adds.

During the MTI pandemic, Fakhrizal admitted that the level of museum visits has decreased. Due to regulations, the museum is closed.

“Now that the Covid has subsided, MTI, although receiving visitors, still applies strict sanitary protocols. We are grateful for all the operations. The museum is funded directly by PT Timah, so visitors come for free,” said he explained.

Fakhrizal said that in February 2022 the museum will repair its facilities and infrastructure.

“In February 2022, PT Timah will repair the structure of the building and the gallery. This is intended to ensure the safety, visitor comfort and attraction of the museum, to attract more visitors,” he said.

For those who want to visit MTI Muntok, this museum is open every day except Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 WIB. Let’s enjoy a tour of pewter history at the Indonesian Tin Museum in Muntok. (**)


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