Photos Reveal MAD’s ‘Iconic’ Lucas Museum Under Construction in Los Angeles


The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has released images of its MAD-designed home under construction in Los Angeles and announced an opening date of 2025.

Under construction next to the LA Memorial Coliseum stadium in Exposition Park, the five-story building will house the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art when complete.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is under construction in Los Angeles. Photo by Hunter Kerhart

Designed by Chinese studio MAD with international studio Stantec acting as executive architect, the elongated, organic shape of the building can be seen taking shape in photos released by the institution.

According to the studio, the shape of the building was informed by the trees of the surrounding park, with its edges raised above the ground to create shaded areas.

Exhibition Center Museum
It is under construction in the fairgrounds. Photo by Hunter Kerhart

To give the building its curvy finish, the steel frame will be clad with 1,500 curved fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) panels that will all have a unique shape.

Panel installation has begun on the lower levels of the south facade of the building.

The 300,000 square foot (28,000 square meter) building is being constructed to house a museum dedicated to narrative art.

It will contain spaces dedicated to the work of Star Wars filmmaker and creator George Lucas, as well as artwork and memorabilia belonging to Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson.

FRP panels being installed on the MAD museum
The building’s FRP panels are being installed. Photo by Roberto Gomez

“We believe that narrative art can connect us and help shape a more just society,” said Sandra Jackson-Dumont, director of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. “As a result, every element of this institution contributes to this idea – the site is a physical manifestation of it.”

“The campus with its iconic building and arched underbelly that creates a canopy, coupled with the more than 200 trees that take root in the park, together create another community gathering place with much-needed shade for our neighbors and others who will be using the site,” Jackson-Dumont continued.

Gallery space at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
The museum will be dedicated to narrative art. Photo by Roberto Gomez

Although the exterior form appears largely complete, the museum has announced plans to open to the public in 2025, more than a decade after Lucas originally announced plans for the institution.

The building was originally proposed for Chicago, with MAD and Studio Gang hired in 2014. However, after the building created controversy due to its site and size, Lucas abandoned plans in favor of a location in California.

MAD drew up plans for the museums in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with Lucas settling on a site in Los Angeles and the building being approved in 2017. Construction began in 2018, when the museum was scheduled to open in 2021.

Photography by Sand Hill Media/Eric Furie, unless otherwise noted.


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