On the anniversary of the death of Indira Gandhi, tributes pour in for the Indian “Iron Lady”


India marked the anniversary of the death of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on Sunday, who was assassinated today (October 31) in 1984 by two of her own security guards in Delhi.

The Congress paid tribute to Gandhi, the former party leader and grandson Rahul Gandhi hailing her as a prime example of the power of women. Rahul visited the Gandhi memorial in Delhi named “Shakti Sthal” and paid homage to the “Iron Lady”, the nickname given to the first and only woman to become Prime Minister of India. Gandhi not only became the first woman to serve in the PMO, but also ruled the country during the war.

Rahul Gandhi paid floral tributes to Indira Gandhi at her “Shakti Sthal” memorial in Delhi.

“My grandmother served the country fearlessly until the last moment – her life is an inspiration to us,” Rahul Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.

“A fine example of the power of women, humble tributes to Mrs. Indira Gandhi on the day of her martyrdom,” he said.

Congress, in a tweet from its official Twitter account, also praised the former prime minister’s contribution to the country.

“She represented strength. She embodied sacrifice. She personified service. A billion greetings to the Iron Lady of India, our very first female Prime Minister, a true Bharat Ratna, Smt. Indira Gandhi, to the occasion of his death anniversary, ”Congress said in his tweet.

Tributes also poured in from other congressional leaders as well as admirers outside the party. Images of Gandhi from yesteryear have flooded social media with many sharing memories, anecdotes and praise in remembrance of the leader.

Indira Gandhi remained in power for three terms, after which she was dismissed, due to her growing totalitarian policies, for the state of emergency she imposed on the country, limiting the constitutional rights and freedoms of its citizens for 21 months. She was re-elected in 1980, four years before she was murdered by her bodyguards amid tensions with the Sikhs.

Gadhi is also praised for her work in making India self-sufficient in food grain production and for her victory in the Pakistan War, which ultimately led to the creation of Bangladesh.


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