Olympic and Paralympic Museum leaders prepare for two years without games


The Olympic action is nearing its end and the leaders of the Olympic and Paralympic Museum are preparing for two years without the games.

Additional events during the Olympics provided visitors to the museum with an interactive experience during the games.

“Is there a better place to experience the Beijing Games than here at the Olympic and Paralympic Museum,” said Tommy Schield, director of communications and marketing for the museum.

The success during the games brought a lot of excitement to the USOPM leaders, but soon the games will be over. They plan to engage with visitors after the Olympics.

“In years when there are no games, what’s really fun and exciting is that we will have induction into the United States Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame,” Schield said.

That induction will take place in June, until then museum officials know their halls will always be filled with people who love the games year-round.

“Obviously we’re going to have a great summer of travel, I know people are going to love getting out and seeing Colorado Springs and we’re excited for them to stop by,” Schield said.

In the meantime, the staff is concentrating on the next stage, the Paralympic Games!

“March 4-13 will be the Paralympic Games in Beijing and we’re very excited to see that,” Schield said.

The museum is excited to see many new faces over the next two years.

“The community has been so supportive that we will not only be welcoming local residents, but people who travel as well,” Scield said.

On Saturday, the museum extended its visiting hours, provided pizza, music and family fun.


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