‘No Man’s Sky’ gives players another chance to unlock the ‘Mass Effect’ ship


Hello Games gives No Man’s Sky players another chance to get the Normandy SR1 ship from Mass Effectbecause it was previously limited in time and many fans missed it.

To allow players to unlock any content they may have missed during the year, No Man’s Sky will once again make four of its expedition events available.

It will begin with a replay of Pioneers, which will be available today (November 24) through December 7. This is followed by Beachhead, which is playable from December 8 to December 21, and will allow fans to pick up the SSV. Normandy SR-1.

Following this, Cartographers will be making a comeback from December 22 to January 4. Finally, Emergence – which channels Dune with Straddling Sandworms – will be available again January 5-9.

Emergence was the first expedition to feature a specific narrative, as players were stranded in the desert world of Wasan and instructed to cleanse the planet of “cursed dust” before attempting to escape.

In recent months, regular updates have helped No man’s sky become incredibly popular among the fans. In September, the title finally hit “mostly positive” on Steam after five years of negative feedback. It was a tough launch in 2016, although Hello Games has been steadily improving the game since then. Right now, recent reviews of the title can be found on a healthy “very positive” label on Steam.

Another recent update – called Frontiers – added planetary colonies to universe generation, which allowed players to join and oversee a variety of alien cities.

In other news, a Infinite halo dev said that “changes will take time”, while confirming that “constructive comments are being heard loud and clear”. Right now, 343 Industries’ priority is “to give the team a well-deserved break for the holidays after a long final stretch”.


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