Must-See World War II and Wes Anderson Sites in Jamestown, Rhode Island


To set up these operations, the military (you know, being the military) claimed plots of land, evicted residents, and built covert, secret facilities. One was disguised as a seaside cottage and cleverly nicknamed C-1 Bomb Proof Cottage. His basement bunker was complete with 3ft concrete walls, steel blast doors, toxic gas filters, an escape hatch, desks with telephones and a large map of the coast of Rhode Island on a sheet of metal lined with small ship magnets – in other words, a giant battleship game board.

The cottage had three false windows supported by solid concrete, enclosing a radio room within, while in other windows were lights flashing Morse code. Colorful lights and flags gave secret messages to nearby ships who used telescopes and binoculars to see and decode them. Innocent New England shingles, quaint wooden trim, and even grazing cattle – which we can also assume also had fake mustaches – all helped the disguise look as authentic as possible.

It’s probably worth noting that Bombproof Cottage C-1 also had giant radars and radio towers next to it, which you think would be a dead giveaway. And you would be right. The other side pretty much knew about this “secret”, as well as the other forts and batteries around the island, so there wasn’t much action in the bay, other than the sinking of a submarine. German sailor… and an American ship that accidentally torpedoed another American ship. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts.


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