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Michael C. Hall talks about Dexter: New Blood Episode 5, including the song he and his band released that plays on the end credits and that shocking twist.

WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter: new blood Episode 5 below

Dexter: new blood episode 5 holds a special place in the heart of Michal C. Hall. Aside from the fact that the episode features one of the biggest twists in the series to date, the song playing over the credits is that of his band, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. Entitled “Ketamine”, the song is named after the drug Dexter uses to subdue his victims, which he claims another in the latest entry of the new season.

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screen delirium spoke with Michael C. Hall about what it’s like to tour with the band while Dexter is airing, the inspiration for the song “Ketamine”, and those shocking twists in New blood episode 5.


Screen Rant: You have this awesome band Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, and now you can finally visit it at the same time you’re back as Dexter. How does it feel to finally want to have these two projects in the world and be able to share them with your fans?

Michael C. Hall: That’s great. It is truly rewarding. The band is something we’ve been doing for a few years and [we] had played concerts in New York. We’re about to take a trip to LA. We kind of stopped performing live, so since we did a few shows in NYC at the end of October and then did this tour here in the UK, it’s been so awesome to be right in front of it. a live audience.

The fact that it coincides with Dexter going out is purely a coincidence really. But it’s rewarding. I feel like I left town to do this little tour, but a lot of people who come to the shows let me know they’re watching the new season, which is a heavy thing. But it’s great. I feel very lucky to be able to work successfully during the pandemic and to be able to play the music live in front of the audience.

Do you find any differences or similarities when leading the group or performing in a show like Hedwig and the angry thumb compared to when you tap into the character of Dexter, which is a much darker, isolating thing I think?

Michael C. Hall: I think part of the fun playing with the band is unique in that I put on material that we created together. Dexter is sort of an isolated experience in a way – it’s trapped in its layers of secrets. His real confidant is the public and they are not really there. When you are in a room full of people who are there with you, experiencing something that requires a much fuller, expansive energy, singing at the top of your lungs, it’s a very different experience. And I think that maybe in the long run, better for you. More of an endorphin rush.

I want to get into the song “Ketamine”, which closes this week’s episode of Dexter brilliantly. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for this song?

Michael C. Hall: It’s only after the fact that I think Clyde [Phillips, showrunner of Dexter] reminded me. I knew it but I didn’t make the connection that ketamine is the drug Dexter uses to inject these victims and put them down. But the reason this song is called ketamine is because it is about a ketamine therapy treatment that I did with my girlfriend at the time, she is now my wife, in the doctor’s office where they injected us. We had a sort of an hour-long side-by-side mental adventure.

The song is about the experience I had, alongside what I knew was Morgan’s experience, which was a lot less sunny and happy and was more intense. It sounded like a metaphor for our relationship – you kind of want to indulge your own journey, but you also want to be aware that someone else by your side might have a very different subjective experience. In a way, this experience strengthened my connection with her because the intensity of the experience somehow matched my desire to remain aware of hers. But yes, the song’s lyrics were inspired by that real-life experience of making therapeutic ketamine.

Michael C Hall in Dexter New Blood trailer

When I read the lyrics, it was really about longing for a connection, but also feeling that feeling of disconnection. With the reveal at the end of the episode, which somehow alters Dexter’s relationship with his current girlfriend and shows his past catching up with him, how did you feel about this big reveal and how do you think? you know this will change Angela (Julia Jones) and Dexter’s relationship in the future?

Michael C. Hall: It will certainly deepen the question of whether or not the relationship can survive such a secret being revealed to it. And whatever Dexter does, however, he negotiates that the new reality will remain to be seen. It’s the very thing he’s trying to put behind himself and himself of – his past, his old self.

This season more generally, I think it’s about that bubbling up. He remembers that you can’t really run away from your past so I think it will result in a more honest relationship. He will be forced to share some things, as you can imagine. He’ll likely be selective with what he reveals, or how he reveals it, or how he deals with her knowing he’s pretending to be someone else.

It also seems emblematic of Dexter’s state of mind as a whole. He claims a new victim in this episode and while he’s a villain, like his typical victims, his motivation is also partly influenced by his love for his son and his desire to feel more connected and protective. Can you tell us a bit about Dexter’s state of mind at this point in the season? We’re getting into the back half and things are really picking up speed.

Michael C. Hall: He has those two relationships. He has a relationship with his girlfriend and with this new life he has made. But the really deep relationships he manages or the relationships he’s turned his back on – his relationship with his son and his relationship with the black passenger. He tries to deal with both. I think the song’s lyrics could be heard thinking of Harrison and Dexter’s relationship with him. Also, Dexter’s relationship with his dark passenger and his urge to kill, having recently reopened the door to this part of himself.

The relationship with Harrison is really the fundamental thing for this new season. [What’s] the most interesting for me about this relationship is that Dexter has simultaneous contradictory impulses with his son characterized by this, it is the wish that [Harrison] is not like him and does not have the black passenger. [But], at the same time, he desperately hopes that his son is like him. Because I think Dexter is very isolated and a bit of a lonely person. To find that this product of his flesh and blood shares some kind of fundamental connection to his secret that otherwise isolated him, something he can’t help. But on the other hand, [Dexter] hopes Harrison will be released from it.

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