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Hey, neighbors! Jeri Karges here with today’s issue of Concord Daily.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

The clouds give way to the sun. High: 59 Low: 39.

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Here are the top four stories from today at Concord:

  1. Did you know San Ramon was not named after Saint Raymond, but rather an ordinary guy named Ramon? What about the fact that Orinda was named after a 17th century English poet who never set foot near the city? And if you think Pleasanton is Pleasanton because it’s nice (which it is) think again. It’s a fun game through how the towns in the Bay Area got their names it might give you a good way to get in (or out) of your monday. (SF gate)
  2. the Mount Diablo Unified School District is now hire substitute teachers for the 2021-22 school year. Applicants who do not hold a valid CA designation may apply for a 30-day emergency substitute teaching permit if they have obtained a bachelor’s degree and meet the basic skills requirements. You will find more information on how to become a substitute teacher at MDUSD here. (
  3. A day after the Pittsburg Police Department informed the community that three suspects who may be linked to as many as 25 armed robberies were released from prison, Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston issued a statement sharing concerns on the decision. Police say although the Custody Alternative program rejected the three men in their program, the judge overturned the rejection. He then authorized the surrender of the three men to a private company under contract to be placed in that company’s alternative care program with an electronic ankle monitoring system. The three men were released from this program on January 5, 2022 and are no longer in prison. Read the sheriff’s statement here. (East County today)
  4. The founders of the US Asian Pacific Islander Public Affairs (APAPA), CC and Regina Yin, presented a donation of $ 10,000 for the Chinese History Museum of Antioch and planning project. Dwayne Eubanks, President of the Antioch Historical Museum and Hansel Ho, representing the Mayor of Antioch, Lamar Thorpe, also presented a certificate of appreciation to APAPA. The donation of $ 10,000 will be used to create a Chinese historical exhibit at the Antioch Museum. (Herald of Antioch)

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Today at Concord:

  • Unleash the artist in your child with a guide acrylic paint class for children (from 5 years old) and their families. Take home a complete masterpiece after this fun 1.25 hour lesson. (12h00)
  • Spiderman – No way home play in West wind drive-in at Concorde. (8:05 p.m.)
  • Join Concord redistribution public hearing. This is the second of five public hearings regarding the City’s redistribution efforts. (7:00 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Soak up the sun this afternoon and go out and grab this historical walking tour of Todos Santos Square.
  • I always wanted to help your favorite City of Concorde? Here you can find Jobs to put your good intentions and skills to work!
  • Think Walnut Creek has always been known for its nuts? Think again ! The predominant harvest of the 1800s was Grapes! Grape Creek doesn’t quite sound the same, does it? (Walnut Creek Magazine)

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  • SIR Br8 – hosts Jon Haveman for “Our Economic Outlook” January 10 (January 10)
  • Group therapy for women 50+ (January 10)
  • FREE WEBINAR | “Michelangelo and the Terrible Pope” Presented by Dr Rocky Ruggiero (January 14)
  • Tony Azevedo Water Polo Shooting Clinic returns February 11-13, 2022 (January 14)
  • Social Security Webinar (January 17)
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