Matt Hardy suggests WWE made a mistake with Jeff Hardy’s drug test


Jeff Hardy’s outing in WWE appears to be gaining momentum as new information emerges. While it’s understandable that Hardy didn’t address the situation, his brother Matt urged fans not to jump to conclusions before checking the facts. He revealed another crucial piece of information regarding the release of Jeff Hardy.

For the uninitiated, Jeff Hardy’s release from WWE came following a live incident when he walked into the crowd in the middle of a match, prompting security to follow him. This sparked a lot of concern online, and quite certainly WWE had to check out what was going on. Matt Hardy confirmed Fightful’s report that Jeff declined WWE’s offer for rehab because he felt it wasn’t necessary. This appeared to lead to his release.

During a recent House Hardy Twitch stream, Matt Hardy confirmed that Jeff Hardy had been tested for drugs. While the results are yet to return, he expects him to be clean, which means WWE could have potentially taken the plunge:

“Before anyone rushes in to judge it is obvious that he [WWE] He got tested for drugs after all of these things, wait until you hear the results and when that is clear hopefully people feel better about it, ”Matt said. (H / T

If that turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see how things play out. While we don’t know if WWE will offer to re-sign him, that could turn out to be a big mistake.

Interestingly, a source within WWE said Wrestling News. Co that they saw Jeff Hardy backstage and he showed no signs of intoxication.

What’s next for Jeff Hardy after WWE?

Only time will tell if the drug test is negative, but it could cause a lot of problems if that’s what led to Jeff Hardy’s release. However, superstars have been out for a lot less, and in many cases for no reason since 2020.

Whether or not Jeff Hardy instantly switches to AEW or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But some, including former chief writer Vince Russo, have suggested Jeff Hardy better get away from the wrestling world.

Should Jeff Hardy take a long hiatus from the fight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Former WWE writer shares his thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s situation. Catch it live here.

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