Marjorie Taylor Greene hurt by mockery of ‘Jewish space lasers’


Marjorie Taylor Greene says she no longer has the goofy opinions that were discovered after she became elected. Like the way she seemed to approve of the execution of current colleague Nancy Pelosi. Or how she believed a deadly California wildfire in 2018 was caused by space lasers controlled in part by a Jewish member of a banking firm. This tinfoil conspiracy became better known as “Jewish space lasers,” a term that got it a lot of dabble online and has stuck with it ever since.

Well, Greene is still bowled over by the term, inspired by something she once believed. In an interview earlier this month with Mike Huckabee on his Newsmax show, she admitted that this – and not the many other things that have earned her ridicule and scorn – really got to her.

“Terrible attacks, especially about stupid things about something called ‘Jewish space lasers,'” Greene told Huckabee. “It was a term I had never used in my life, but someone wrote an article and then they cut and pasted it and put it out in all the media.”

The dust left behind still haunts her. “It really hurt me,” Greene said. “Because I am a Christian and I would never say anything against any group of people, especially Israel. I would never do that.”

Speaking of which, earlier this year Greene did what she never did and apologized after repeatedly drawing offensive comparisons between those trying to save lives during a pandemic and the Nazis. . After inspiring widespread condemnation of Jewish and Holocaust remembrance groups, Greene issued a rare mea culpa. She even went to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where she seemed to finally learn what others learn much earlier in life.

In the meantime, Greene’s fans can rest assured that she still has plenty of outlandish and illogical beliefs, some of which got her permanently suspended from Twitter earlier this year.

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