It’s worth it | ‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ Coming to Early Access on Steam This Spring


Ghosts hide in inconspicuous furniture and swoop down on invading hunters.

Hunters must find and destroy all ghosts before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT.

AT MIDNIGHTthe lights go out and all the dead ghosts return as vengeful spirits!

The tables turn, the Hunters become the Hunted!
They must try to survive the onslaught of ghosts until they can escape.

In Midnight Ghost Hunt, take control as hunter or ghost in this chaotic 4v4 hide-and-seek game that brings a bold and exciting new take on the prop hunting genre. Hunters must work together using an array of high-tech gadgets and weaponry to track down and destroy ghosts as they attempt to hide around the spooky maps of Midnight Ghost Hunt. The Spectrophone, Radar and Pathfinder can detect ghostly presences, while a range of Maces, Harpoons and Salt Shotguns can be used to destroy Ghosts. Use the vacuum to suck up the ghostly remnants.

Ghost players possess seemingly harmless items in order to hide from hunters and bide their time until the witches’ hour. Specters will want to keep moving to keep their ectoplasm accumulation low, otherwise they risk being discovered by hunters. Ghosts also have the ability to claim supernatural powers, including becoming invisible, floating furniture, and conjuring dangerous ghostly miasma. Ghosts can even hide in plain sight by impersonating a hunter!

The hunters will try desperately to destroy all the ghosts before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT. If they fail, the tables turn, the ghosts become supercharged, and the hunters become the hunted. They must try to stay alive long enough for the evacuation to arrive.

Developer Vaulted Sky Games and publisher Coffee Stain have unveiled an explanatory trailer for their spellbinding and chaotic 4v4 title Midnight Ghost Hunt at the prestigious SXSW Gaming Awards Ceremonybefore its release Steam Early Access later this spring.

Ahead of the trailer’s premiere, the stream also featured a never-before-seen music video performance of a song from the game by the soundtrack’s own composers, Swedish duo Ghostwood Empire, who also composed the music for other titles from the game. Coffee Stain, Valheim and Satisfactory. .

Main characteristics:

  • Ironic HIDE-HIDE: As a ghost, hide inside seemingly harmless furniture to evade predatory hunters…but when their backs are turned, turn the environment against them with telekinetic bombardment. No chair, lamp or grandfather clock is innocent in this frenzy of hijinks.
  • MIDNIGHT SICKNESS: The party isn’t over yet… when the clock strikes noon, the hour of sorcery begins and the hunters become the hunted. The tables turn and the ghosts become supercharged, giving hunters limited time to survive their vengeful wrath.
  • MULTIPLAYER 4v4 MURDER: Play together and communicate with your team and ensure a triumphant victory, giving you hints on the paths enemies tend to take. Create synergies with your team’s abilities to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents.
  • HARNESS SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES: The restrictions of reality don’t apply to Ghosts, of course. Claim your supernatural powers, including becoming invisible, floating furniture, and conjuring up a dangerous ghostly miasma. Ghosts can even hide in plain sight by impersonating a hunter! Ghostly perks include avoiding traps with Untrappable, seeing nearby hunters through walls with Perception, and extending possession range with Ghostly Reach.
  • ARMED AND READY: Hunters must choose their weapons from a full range of high-tech gadgets designed to hunt the ghosts of our plane of existence. Detect ghostly presences with the Spectrophone, Radar, and Pathfinder, capture them with a Trap, and suck up their spectral remains with the Void – or simply blast them with the Spectral Cannon, Maces, Harpoons, Shotguns salt, and more. Hunters can also select perks to give them a special boost. Choose from Lightweight’s extra speed, Healing Aura’s health-restoring abilities, and a host of other powers to get ahead of the game.
  • A FULL OF CARDS TO WAX BLOOD: Explore an array of disturbing settings, including an abandoned theater, a strange mansion and a cursed pirate ship. Each location brings with it different tactical considerations and throwables… as well as various opportunities to play tricks on your opponents.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is in development for PC (To smoke), other platforms being considered, planned for 2022.

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