Iranian Media Report New Outburst of Holocaust Denial on Yom HaShoah


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi delivers a speech during the National Army Day parade ceremony in Tehran, Iran on April 18, 2022. President’s Website/WANA (West Asian News Agency )/Handout via Reuters

The Iranian regime marked Yom HaShoah on Thursday with a fresh outburst of Holocaust distortion that ranged from outright denial of the Nazi genocide of Jews to its justification.

In a lengthy interview with state broadcaster Channel 3, Mehdi Taeb — a senior figure at a regime-affiliated think tank — lambasted the Jewish people as the “master of fabricating lies,” including the Holocaust. was supposed to be one.

“Everything we were told was told by people who have been accused of lying – not just now, but throughout history,” Taeb said, in comments translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute ( MEMRI).

“Who? The same people who claim to have been burned,” he continued. “They were, and still are, the masters of fabricating the lie. claim that Jews were burned is questioned.

Taeb cited the discredited claim by several Holocaust deniers that the gas chambers in Nazi death camps were a fiction. “You claim that six million have been burned. If you wanted to burn 50 people a day in the gas chambers they show, it would take 30 years,” he said. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), 2.7 million Jews perished in gas chambers, and at least another two million were murdered in mass shooting operations.

Taeb’s blatant Holocaust denial was accompanied by an op-ed in the official newspaper Kayhan newspaper praising Hitler’s hatred of Jews.

“By expelling them from Germany, Hitler showed that he was smarter than all current European leaders,” the editorial said.

Analyzing the op-ed on Twitter, Iranian media analyst Arash Azizi commented: “‘Them’ here refers to ‘Zionists’ by which Kayhan clearly means European Jews “expelled” by Hitler (they must say “expelled” since, as they point out in the same article, “the myth of the Holocaust” did not take place).


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