Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills announces $ 15 million donation

The Zekelman Family Campus at the Holocaust Memorial Center received $ 15 million from the Zekelman family and Zekelman Industries. // Courtesy of the Holocaust Memorial Center

The Zekelman family campus of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington has announced a major donation of $ 15 million from the Zekelman family and Zekelman Industries.

The donation is the main donation in the Holocaust Memorial Center’s $ 100 million “Global Campaign” and is part of the continued support of the Zekelman Family and Zekelman Industries, which now has funding of $ 25 million.

“We are truly touched and grateful for the continued generosity of the Zekelman family and Zekelman Industries. This $ 15 million donation is significant in itself, ”said Rabbi Eli Mayerfeld, CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Center.

“It’s even more extraordinary because it increases their overall support for the Holocaust Memorial Center to $ 25 million. This major donation will allow us to expand the important work we are doing to teach the lessons of the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism and hatred. “

The campaign was launched to establish a permanent endowment fund. This will allow the Holocaust Memorial Center to remain sustainable into the future. The funds from the donation – which is the largest gift ever received by the center – will be used to maintain facilities, increase operational funding and expand special events, traveling exhibitions and other educational offerings.

“We have always been in awe of the positive and lasting impact the Holocaust Memorial Center has had on millions of lives, it is truly inspiring. With the rise of anti-Semitism and hate crimes, we feel a sense of urgency to help organizations, like the Holocaust Memorial Center, who work passionately to combat it, ”said Barry Zekelman, President and CEO of Zekelman Industries .

“As a leader in our industry, we lead and encourage the philanthropic activities of our employees, our peers and the industry as a whole. In the communities where we have facilities, our employees are deeply involved in their individual volunteer efforts, as well as raising and donating significant funds to various causes. “

Chicago-based Zekelman Industries is the largest independent manufacturer of steel pipe and tubing in North America. Founded in 1877, the company has more than 2,700 employees.

The Zekelman family are long-time supporters of the Holocaust Memorial Center, both individually and through Zekelman Industries. Alan Zekelman is Treasurer and Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holocaust Memorial Center and Director of Zekelman Industries. Clayton Zekelman is Director of Zekelman Industries and President of MNSi Telecom, one of the leading providers of telecommunications for individuals and businesses in Ontario, Canada.

The 55,000 square foot museum and library archives serve more than 100,000 Michigan residents each year and draw visitors from across Michigan, neighboring states and Windsor, Ontario. The Holocaust Memorial Center’s programming expanded online during the pandemic, reaching more than 20,000 attendees in Michigan, the United States and abroad.


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