Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s Atlas Tugged Update Introduces a New Class; Reorganize the vessel catalog


Hard space: Shipbreaking is a game that allows you to collect spaceships in exchange for money and a safe passage out of the world. While you can technically die recovering ships, your DNA is securely stored in the LYNX Company’s database. So you will simply be resuscitated in the event of premature death. Keep in mind that the resurrection comes at a cost – and a huge one at that.

Regardless, the Atlas Tugged update is now live and brings a lot of new content including new Atlas-class spaceships and a revamped ship catalog, among others. Read on to find out more.

New class ships

The Atlas Class includes three new ships that bridge the complexity gap between mackerel and javelins. The first ship is known as “The Scout” which can be unlocked once you reach Rank 4. It has incredible top speed and maneuverability thanks to its dual Quasar thrusters.

For those who don’t know, Quasar thrusters are so massive that you would have to crawl inside just to access the ship’s fuel system, allowing you to separate the hull from the thruster.

Equipped with three Quasar thrusters, the Nomad is a freighter intended to move cargo as quickly as possible. It also has a sleeper cabin that allows you to rest when needed. This is unlocked at rank 6.

Finally, the Roustabout Tug is unlocked at rank 8. This ship is the biggest because it comes with Quad Quasar thrusters. It’s used for just about anything you can think of – from building space stations to clearing asteroids and so on. Because it comes with several gigantic thrusters, expect high fuel consumption and electrical hazards inside the ship.

Revamped ship catalog

The vessel catalog was renamed Job Board. This presents you with a newly redesigned interface, giving you the information you need in the foreground.

What can you expect in this new user interface? Well, all ship classes are still represented which means you can access ships as soon as they are available.

In addition, important information is always presented with simplicity and clarity in mind, leaving unnecessary information in the background, some being removed entirely.

Highlights of the fixes


  • Fuel hoses no longer explode when cut or damaged

  • Fuel hoses are now flammable and will ignite on contact with fire, electricity or the cutter harness

  • Fuel lines are no longer to blame

  • Fuel hose cutpoint added to all vessels, allowing fuel hoses to be removed

  • The fire runs through the descent networks

  • Coolant no longer freezes nanocarbon panels or structural beams

  • Coolant no longer freezes small items like chip bags or space truck parts

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.


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