Groups promote pioneer education at the Ephraim Pioneer Park Museum


EPHRAIM—Spring City Elementary students recently became one of the first school groups to take a field trip to Pioneer Park in Ephraim, which has been renamed the Ephraim Heritage Museum and Cabins.

A member of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers (SUP) supervises Spring City Elementary students as they practice log cutting during a field trip to Ephraim Heritage Museum and Cabins (formerly Pioneer Park) in Ephraim.

During the Tuesday, May 17 tour, volunteers from local chapters of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) and Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP) showed students some of the artifacts in the park and the renovated Hansen house, a 19th century house. on the property.

The Pioneer Park project was started by a group of women from the DUP in 1986. “They bought the cabins. They laid the grass. They made it a pioneer park… It was their dream,” said Sarah Thomas, director of the Ephraim Heritage Museum.

For field trips, the DUP and SUP set up stations where students were able to learn about various aspects of pioneer life.

A volunteer from the Sons of Utah Pioneers South Sanpete Chapter teaches students about Fort Ephraim.

One of the stations was the Hansen House, which is divided into two sections. Upstairs, students learned about sewing and pioneer-era clothing. On the first level, students learned about the prominent citizens of Ephraim.

Other stations included learning a hoop game, where children used a stick to guide an old barrel hoop, using a log saw, and learning about Fort Ephraim and the height at which the pioneers were to build the walls.

SUP volunteers show students how to play a pioneering hoop game.

In the future, Thomas wants to invite fourth- and seventh-grade classes from across the county to take the tour, since both classes study Utah history in their curriculum. She also wants to recruit members of the community as guides.

“I need volunteers who would like to get involved in the park; help keep the museum open [in the] spring, summer and fall; and help with field trips,” Thomas said.


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