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Nestled alongside the SS Spartan is a new ship in the Interlake Fleet, and her homeport is Ludington.

Interlake Logistics Solutions, a subsidiary of Interlake Maritime Services, purchased the tug LT-805, or known as Major-General Winfield Scott, from the federal government.

The LT-805 was built for the US Army and is 128 feet long, weighs 500 tons, and has a draft of 19 feet.

According to a post on Interlake’s Facebook page, the company said a crew of 16 made the 2,860 nautical mile voyage from Norfolk, Va. On November 14, 2021 and arrived in Ludington on Monday, November 29. .

“While we don’t have specific plans yet on how we will ultimately use it in our fleet just yet, the chance to purchase the LT-805 was a unique and exciting opportunity,” said Mark W Barker, president of Interlake Maritime Services, which owns and operates Interlake Logistics Solutions, in the Facebook post. “We are always evaluating ways to expand our maritime capabilities and the capacity of our commercial fleet to serve our customers on the Great Lakes. She is a great addition to our Interlake fleet.

According to the Facebook post, the LT-805 will undergo some ship upgrades and upgrades while it is permanently moored alongside the SS Spartan in Pere Marquette Lake.

Chrissy Kadleck, spokesperson for Interlake, told the Daily News that there are no plans to rename the tug.

US Army personal watercraft

The US military has an assortment of boats beyond what the Army Corps of Engineers use, and those boats are part of the Army Transport Corps.

Alisha Hamel, museum director of the US Army Transportation Museum in Fort Eustis, Va., Shared with the Daily News an exhibit describing the military’s various maritime operations. The military has used boats since the American Revolution, and it continued through the conflicts of the 1800s to move men and materiel across the country and abroad.

“In most cases, the military used rented civilian ships as needed. It was not until the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in 1898 that it was decided to definitively integrate personal watercraft into the American army by creating the army transport service ”, indicates the display.

The two world wars created the expansion of the use of boats by the military, the display said.

The U.S. Army Transportation Museum has thousands of artifacts and exhibits, ranging from airplanes, helicopters, trucks and jeeps to tugs and landing craft, according to its website. It is located at the Fort Langley-Eustis Joint Base, and visitors must check in at the base guard post.

About LT-805

The LT-805 began service with the US Army, and Dr. J. Edwin Nieves explained that there are two different tugs used by the service. Some are small tugs or harbor tugs with the designation “ST” while the larger tugs carry the designation “LT”.

The LT-805 was designed for ocean and coastal towing.

“The LT is self-deploying worldwide, has a crew of 25 and has a range of 5,000 nautical miles,” Nieves said in a report to the Daily News.

Nieves is stationed at Fort Eustis, Va., Through the Army Medical Command, McDonald’s Army Health Center Medical Detachment. He also works at the Army Transportation Museum there and is a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Auxiliary’s Historical Division in its branch chief’s records.

The LT-805, or MG Winfield Scott, was one of eight tugs ordered by the United States Army. Only six were built and the military took possession of the craft on October 29, 1993, Nieves said. From there the tug was part of the Army’s 7th Brigade at Fort Eustis. Part of the job he did was towing a decommissioned Navy fuel barge from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the US Navy station in Mayport, Florida.

In 2016, the LT-805 towed the USNS Grapple Rescue Vessel to the Navy’s Philadelphia Idle Vessel Maintenance Facility. It was also used for training exercises with the Coast Guard in Yorktown, Virginia.

In August 2021, the military decided they no longer needed the barge, and it was put up for auction where Interlake bought it.


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