Foreign Ambassadors Visit Capitol City | New


The French and German ambassadors to the United States traveled to Montgomery on October 6 to visit historic sites and meet with Mayor Steven Reed.

French Ambassador Philippe Etienne and German Ambassador Emily Haber and their respective Consuls General from Atlanta visited the Legacy Museum as part of their tour. Ambassador Haber said the museum presents “a history demonstrated in a way that I have never seen before.”

Etienne was also moved by the visit and said: “What I take away from this visit is my experience at the heritage museum.” He also mentioned other historic civil rights sites in the city and said “the birthplace of civil rights is known the world over.”

During their meeting with Reed, the ambassadors discussed business investment and tourism as well as possible “sister city” opportunities. The two ambassadors highlighted their country’s economic investments in the state and the desire to continue these investments.

Haber says Germany is “heavily invested” in Alabama and Etienne said French companies have created 9,000 jobs in the state. He also said that France “values ​​friendship and cooperation with all of the United States.”

Reed called the visit “an opportunity to learn from our history and plan for our future”, saying the ambassadors can be “Montgomery’s champions at the United Nations”.

Reed, the ambassadors and consul generals were also joined by local members of the state legislative delegation and Etienne said the visit highlights the importance of “cooperation among democracies.”


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