‘Flippin Misfits’ is free on Steam this weekend


Repeat after us: normal gravity combat is for wimps.

Get ready to join the Flippin Misfits – a gang of fun-loving young daredevils – to slice, dash, and smash their way to bragging rights in this colorful, chaotic, gravity-shifting melee brawler. The gravity swap feature creates a 360 degree melee brawl unlike anything in the gaming world today. Attacks can come from any direction and any surface can be used – all in a fun and funky environment where sci-fi influences meet underground club house vibes.

Your arena is the Arkade, a stolen spaceship stationed by a trio of black holes known as The Blank. Using odds and ends, the gang has transformed their clubhouse into the weirdest and deadliest playground in the galaxy. From environments to characters, sci-fi and underground aesthetics collide to create a funky neon-pastel world, with a soundtrack to match. And those footprints on the ceiling? It’s all part of the game. Strap on your Blazarpack and become a gravity-bending gladiator, chasing down your opponents on any surface inside or outside the ship.

Players won’t want to miss the experience of this game like no other.

Join the Flippin Party! Flippin Misfits, the latest party game from Behavior Interactive, is hosting a FREE party the weekend of November 10-14 on Steam! Get ready to turn your world upside down!

Free weekend

  • Starting Thursday, November 10, Gravitational Gladiators are invited to jump into the arena with up to three friends and play this crazy fast-paced space combat game. The Free Weekend event will end on Monday, November 14.
  • The free weekend event will also see the first appearance of a 7th playable character ready to jump into the arena, Sikeborg
  • Did you enjoy your stay aboard the Arkade? The game is available on Steam and will be on sale for $3.49 until November 23. As part of a special collaboration, players who play Flippin Misfits will receive an exclusive Dead by Daylight Trapper Charm, redeemable in the flagship Behavior title. Dead in broad daylight

Main characteristics:

  • It’s a social fight! – Grab friends and engage in 2-4 player online matches, racking up kills with each round. Games are fast and revenge is fast.
  • Become real gravitational gladiators Gravity is your best weapon. Swap gravity, shoot and jump to find the best angle to strike. No hiding, no shooting from afar. Experience close combat mobility like never before.
  • Modify it, to reap glory in the arena! – Choose from a random assortment of combat and movement bonuses each turn. Loadout to suit your playstyle or ruin your opponents’ game by picking up their favorites.​
    • With over 30 different mods up for grabs each round, it’s like…(count on fingers)…a billion different ways for every game.
    • Take a beating? No problem. The lowest score gets the first crack at the power-ups.
  • Welcome aboard the ArkadeIf your opponents don’t kill you, these arenas just might. From graffiti-covered play areas to open outdoor spaces, each of the Arkade’s arenas presents a balance of opportunity and danger, including pools of lava, flaming thrusters, errant mines, and loudspeakers so loud they will make you lose your footing.

Flippin Misfits is available for PC (Steam).

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