Explore a mysterious exoplanet in the new video game “Earth’s Shadow”


Space exploration has never been so terrifying.

While we’re all waiting for the endless wait until we can get our paws on Bethesda’s “Starfield” next year, we’ve got a phenomenal way to distract you with a weird sci-fi video game from WRF. Studios which offers an unsettling descent into an atmospheric alien landscape.

“The Shadow of the Earth” is a third-person action dungeon crawler steeped in hardcore sci-fi goodness that, after nearly two years in development, has just been released in early access and is now available for purchase on Steam with a launch discount of 10%.

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Promotional art for

Promotional art for “Earth’s Shadow”. (Image credit: WRF Studios)

The intriguing story is set in the year 3081 on the mysterious exoplanet of Sumbra, a deep space destination where lore and legends of priceless cosmic relics have surrounded the eerie black world for eons. These precious artifacts call to the most avid and courageous explorers and treasure hunters in search of a better future, all of whom eventually stumble upon a far more ominous past.

After crash-landing on the tiny dwarf planet, a cyborg freighter pilot named Alexi-Ru explores the dreaded surface of Sumbra in search of the riches he’s heard so much about for so long.

As a traditional “looter shooter”, “Earth’s Shadow” amplifies the open-world experience and delivers jaw-dropping visuals of crumbling ruins, nightmarish forests, demonic creatures, Cyclops spider robots and deadly parasites. who all want to dismember and devour you as you march through the chilling darkness with a variety of futuristic weaponry bent on exterminating.

A video game character looks up at a hulking alien with glowing red eyes in the new sci-fi video game, Earth's Shadow.

Evil beings lurk in the new sci-fi video game, Earth’s Shadow. (Image credit: WRF Studios)

Created and distributed by California-based indie game lab WRF Studios, they are also the developers of “Vampirem” and “BloodLust Vampire” RPG for Windows, among many others.

Their visionary efforts here on “Earth’s Shadow” are hugely impressive for such a small team and we wish WRF founder William R. Fisher well in all of his future sci-fi game endeavors!

“The Shadow of the Earth” (opens in a new tab) is now available to play on PC on Steam.

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