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picture by: Robert A. DeFrank

Lt. Jeremy Rife of the Cumberland Trail Fire District displays a crest that appears on a memorial in front of the Belmont County Heritage Museum. This September 11, the district will hold a ceremony to honor the fallen first responders.

The Cumberland Trail Fire District will mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 with a memorial for members of the fire district who gave their all. The ceremony will begin at 11 a.m. at the Belmont County Heritage Museum across from the courthouse at 101 W. Main St.

“On 9/11 we will be unveiling our monument, it’s at the courthouse right across from the heritage museum,” said Lt. Jeremy Rife, organizer of the memorial presentation.

“Basically, we wanted to dedicate something to all of the former CTFD volunteers and staff who are no longer with us and who served St. Clairsville and Richland Township, so we came up with the idea of ​​creating a monument. We did the work and got a lot of help from generous donors and got the monument installed,” he said.

The monument includes the Cumberland Fire District crest, the union crest and the association crest. Braido Memorials in Bethesda made the monument.

“There’s a huge list of donors that we’re going to recognize on the day of the unveiling ceremony,” Rife said.

“It’s already installed. We were looking forward to a good day to try to get a few points across and we thought 9/11 would give us the opportunity to talk about it and have a bit of a memory of that day as well,” Rife said.

He said former volunteer members and their families will attend the ceremony, along with current firefighters, town leaders, Richland Township administrators, the fire board and possibly some area officials.

Rife emphasized the significance of the September 11 attacks to first responders.

“It’s something across the country that most first responders have always taken to heart, 9/11 and the number of first responders we lost, so we see it as a way to take some time off from our day and to remember all those who gave their lives that day to save one of the greatest rescue operations to ever take place in the country and many of them unfortunately did not survived, so we also want to remember them.

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