Covid 19 Delta outbreak: provocateur Brian Tamaki faces protest


Destiny Church founder Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah Tamaki took the stage during the anti-lockdown protest today.

Destiny Church founder Brian Tamaki took the stage at today’s Auckland Estate protest despite accusations against previous mass gatherings.

Today’s protest event at the estate is the fourth since early October, with attendees challenging Covid-19 restrictions and vaccination mandates for parts of the workforce.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition met at the Estate at 11 a.m. today and the Auckland War Memorial Museum has closed as a precaution.

After a number of speakers addressed the crowd, Tamaki himself addressed the audience.

Tamaki said his lawyer told him he had the right to protest.

“I just want to tell people from all over New Zealand right now who are gathering across the country that something sinister happened two years ago, causing citizens to turn on each other.” , did he declare.

Tamaki listed the vaccination warrants and said he knows they are “not feeling well”.

He said there was fear across the country and he did not understand why the team of 5 million could stand idly by and allow freedoms that were taken away from them.

“I don’t really want to be in the news,” he told the crowd.

In October, police said Tamaki was charged with failing to comply with an order (Covid-19) under the Covid-19 Public Health Act and Alert Level 3 Order. and was also appearing in court for breach of bail conditions.

It was following a demonstration on October 16.

During a court appearance on October 20, Tamaki was warned by Judge Joséphine Bouchier that if he was charged again, he risked being remanded in custody.

The bail conditions were that he was “not organized or attended any demonstration in violation of a Covid-19 level requirement”, while another was that he “did not use Internet for the purpose of organizing, assisting or encouraging non-compliance with the Covid-19 -19 Public Health Response Act 2020 “.

Tamaki and his lawyer Ron Mansfield QC agreed to the terms.

Today’s protest in Auckland is taking place at the same time as the mass rallies in Gisborne, Whangārei, Rotorua and Hawke’s Bay.

Police have warned that the protest action will disrupt traffic this weekend. Places protesters are expected to congregate, including the Auckland Domain, will be under police surveillance.

Tributes were paid at this morning’s rally to those killed in a fatal car crash near Levin last week as they returned to New Plymouth after a protest in Wellington on November 9.

A participant in today's demonstration in the Auckland Domain.  Photo / Brett Phibbs
A participant in today’s demonstration in the Auckland Domain. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Two of the dead, Tracey McKenna, a middle school teacher assistant from Devon and warden Richard Parsons, were buried today.

“Today we honor the fallen heroes,” the MC said as the crowd observed a minute of silence.

He said Devon Intermediate teacher Cass Jordan, 50, had to move to Nelson due to losing her job after refusing to get the shot.

“Today she was returning home to her family. On Thursday Cass was buried with her family.”


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