Buddy Bell Starts Wedding Planning With Merch Release


My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Buddy Bell seems to have started planning her wedding thanks to the release of new products.

Whitney Thore’s best friend and co-star My big fabulous lifeBuddy Bell seems to be starting to plan her wedding with the release of new merchandise. Buddy is a fan favorite of the series, because he’s usually a sounding board for Whitney. Although Buddy had its ups and downs, he was always considered MBFFLis an unsung hero since he is generally the one who comes to save Whitney from all her difficulties. When Whitney dated Chase Severino, TLC viewers were concerned it would affect her friendship with Buddy. Fortunately, nothing could spoil their years of friendship. Whitney and Buddy have long supported each other, including through Buddy’s struggles with addiction.


However, now that Buddy is ready to settle down, viewers are wondering how his dynamic with Whitney could change. Buddy announced in early December that he was officially off the market. The star revealed he proposed his girlfriend, Courtney Renee Marsh, just before the holiday season.

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It looks like Buddy is going full steam ahead with his engagement to Courtney as he takes to his Instagram to share a photo of his future wife’s new sweatshirt. Courtney wore a beige sweatshirt that read “Future Mrs. Bell“as Buddy joked,”Oh snap! We have merchandise! While pointing at the gear, Courtney also showed off the shiny ring she proudly sported on her finger. The couple have yet to set a date, but My big fabulous life viewers are hoping the wedding goes according to the shoot so cameras can capture the big day. Check out Buddy’s post below:

In Buddy’s December post, the star revealed that he smelted heirloom gold to help craft the gorgeous lab-grown diamond ring. Besides asking the big question, the reality TV star also celebrated her graduation. Buddy and Courtney have been together since November 2020, after the comedian broke up with his former girlfriend, Brittany. Courtney and Buddy quickly moved in together as they both knew it was love at first sight. They also have a French Bulldog named Scout.

As for Whitney’s reaction to the Buddy news, the dancer liked the post but has yet to comment publicly. For a moment, My big fabulous life viewers thought Whitney and Buddy would end up together, but it looks like this ship has sailed. Whitney is now focusing on her French man while Buddy arranges a wedding. With the New Year beginning, there will be plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding while Buddy waits to become a husband.

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Source: Buddy Bell / Instagram

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