Biden latest – live: President asked about Trump 2024 rematch as he says US force against Iran is ‘last resort’


Biden hails US relations with Israel as he arrives for four-day trip to the Middle East

US President Joe Biden is in Israel for talks at the start of his first trip to the Middle East. Israeli President Isaac Herzog greeted Mr Biden at Ben Gurion International Airport during his “peace trip” to the region.

After a defense briefing, Mr Biden met Holocaust survivors at the Yad Vashem museum and was seen wiping away tears after a solemn ceremony. Later, in an interview on Israeli television, the president said the United States would use force as a “last resort” to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Mr Biden will later visit Saudi Arabia in a bid to “reorient – but not sever” US relations with Riyadh and take a tougher stance towards the kingdom.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan says the Biden administration believes ‘there is capacity’ for Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries to ramp up production enough oil to bring down the high fuel prices that have been a major driver of inflation around the world.

Gas prices are a priority for American consumers and a real political headache for the Biden administration with months before the crucial midterm elections in November.


Secret Service agent returned to US after alleged assault

A member of the US Secret Service has returned to the United States after allegedly assaulting a woman outside a bar and being detained by Israel National Police in Jerusalem.


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Joe Biden has met every Israeli leader since 1973

President Joe Biden is six years older than the State of Israel, which was established in 1948, and he has met each of the country’s prime ministers since becoming a US senator in 1973 and has just visited before the Yom Kippur war.


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Biden urged to raise political prisoner cases during Middle East trip

Joe Biden has been urged to raise the plight of three political prisoners in different countries during his visit to the Middle East – as well as press for action against every person “unjustly” detained in the region.

Relatives of political prisoners held in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – the person detained in Cairo, Alaa Abdel El-Fattah, has dual British-Egyptian nationality – traveled to Washington DC, where they called the US leader to raise the question. special cases.

They also want Mr Biden to press the issue of human rights in the region more generally, something the US president has long vowed to do.

The Independentreports Andrew Buncombe.


Secret Service agent returned to US after alleged assault at bar

A member of the Secret Service has been returned to the United States after being detained by Israeli police in Jerusalem.

He is alleged to have assaulted a woman outside a bar, according to reports. It’s unclear exactly how the incident happened, but local reports suggest he was intoxicated.

“Late Monday, the US Secret Service was informed that an employee of an agency working in Israel was allegedly involved in a physical encounter. The employee was briefly detained and questioned by Israeli police, who released him without charge. The employee has returned to the United States,” the agency said in a statement.

“Per agency protocol, his access to Secret Service systems and facilities has been suspended pending further investigation.”


In pictures: Biden pays tribute to Yad Vashem

President Joe Biden, wearing a skullcap, participates in a wreath laying ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem


President Joe Biden rekindles the eternal flame at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum‘s Hall of Remembrance as Secretary of State Antony Blinken looks on

(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)


What’s really behind Biden’s controversial trip to Saudi Arabia

The White House said Mr Biden’s visit with Saudi leaders was aimed at “reorienting” America’s relationship with Riyadh. But as Andrew Feinberg reports, foreign policy experts are divided on whether the president should go.


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Biden asked about ‘undeniable gap’ with progressive Democrats on Israel

President Joe Biden is asked about the “undeniable divide” between him and progressive Democrats on Israel.

He tells Channel 12: “There are a few. I think they are wrong. I think they are making a mistake. Israel is a democracy. Israel is our ally… And I don’t think I apologize.

Mr. Biden adds: “There is no possibility, I think, that the Democratic Party, or even a significant part of the Republican Party, will move away from Israel.”


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