‘Battlefield 2042’ acknowledges map design reviews with fun charm


EA Dice added a shipping container charm to Battlefield 2042 who pokes fun at the community’s frequent complaints that there are so many in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms has officially launched with a brand new map, specialist, weapons and more. Players have also noticed that the new season has also brought a brand new weapon charm which seems to be a nod to a common criticism that has been around since the game launched (via Dexerto).

According to players, Battlefield 2042 simply has too many shipping containers that can be found scattered across its many maps. The Manifest map has a ton of them and the community has teased the dev for including them so often, and there’s even a Reddit discussion that was devoted to mocking the environment decorations.

It looks like EA Dice heard the complaints from the community as it went ahead and added a shipping container charm to join in on the joke. Community manager Kevin Johnson shared a tweet saying, “We heard you like the shipping containers in Battlefield 2042, so we put one on a keychain !! Now you can take your “Supply & Command” Shipping Container Weapon Charm anywhere!!”

Season 2: Master of Arms brought with it the addition of the Stranded map, which is set in Panama and features a drained desert lake and a beached container ship where teams will compete.

Along with the new map, players can get their hands on new Specialist Charlie Crawford. Crawford uses a stationary Mounted Vulcan minigun to provide effective firepower against infantry and light vehicles. The latest season also brings a new feature called Assignments which unlocks certain gear and content from a previous season.

In other news, vampire survivors was Steam Deck‘s most played game last month.


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