Artifacts from Kapurthala Museum to be moved to Amritsar War Memorial : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Kapurthala, May 27

As the state government has miserably failed to take care of the immaculate heritage of the Kapurthala Heritage Museum housed at the Sainik School, it has now been decided by the Department of Defense Social Services that the precious memories be transferred to the war memorial in Amritsar.

For the past few years, the museum in the school building has received no attention from the state government for maintenance and restoration and as a result, its roofs and walls have collapsed. Part of the roof of the museum has already fallen and about 20 artifacts that had been kept in the building, which is part of Jagatjit Palace, were damaged as the state government showed no concern.

The impending financial crisis

  • To date, Sainik School’s only source of income is from fees, which total an amount of Rs 6-7 crore per annum. Of this amount, Rs 6 crore goes every year as salary
  • The schools are spending Rs 3.25 crore on pension and other recurrent expenses from its corpus which is gradually dwindling which is raising serious financial issues in running the school.

It is learned that the school authorities have taken up the matter with the state government on several occasions to obtain the restoration of the damaged building and the maintenance of the museum, but not a penny has been distributed for this purpose.

After officials recently took over the matter with the state government, the DSW department finally took a call to move the museum artifacts to Amritsar until restoration work takes place at the Kapurthala Heritage Museum. .

But the decision did not please certain activists and officials of INTACH in the princely city. Dr. Sukhdev Singh, Head of Punjab State, INTACH, Dr. Sarabjit Singh Maan, Head of Kapurthala Chapter of INTACH and Advocate Kanwaljit Singh Ahluwalia, Co-Head, said in a statement today that c It was the most incorrect and insensitive decision to move the objects from the museum. belonging to Kapurthala in Amritsar.

Dr Sukhdev Singh said: “We need to understand the character of these works of art. How to place these works of art in a war museum? Moving can also damage the artwork and character of the war museum. »

Sainik school authorities are also said to have pursued with the state government to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Union Defense Ministry. Once this agreement is signed, the state government will have to give a budget allocation to the school under which it will have to distribute Rs 3.25 crore as annual pension benefits to the 84 retirees, in addition to a fixed approval for its maintenance.

It is learned that the government delayed the MoA so as not to end up with a new responsibility, but in the process, it faces a huge loss in terms of damage to the museum building and its priceless assets.



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