Ambitious indie game ‘Moon Mystery’ is coming in 2023


A new indie game called mystery of the moon was revealed today and it looks like an ambitious project that includes FPS elements, puzzles and a story that will take you to the stars.

As pointed out on Reddit, Mystery of the Moon puts you in the shoes of an astronaut on the moon (natch). While this is the start of your journey, it won’t be the end – check out the trailer to see all the cool gameplay and locations in the works:

Strictly speaking, the game lists the following features on its Steam page:

• conversations with the lunar station AI
• solve puzzles
• drive a lunar rover
• control the RC car
• fight with robots
• platform elements
• and more

The trailer above, however, shows much more. First of all, it looks like you are traveling somewhere other than the moon. Several scenes are shown on other worlds which are apparently connected through some sort of portal system. You will also go underwater with a submarine and fly through space with a ship at some point. Of course there will also be a lunar rover – you must have a lunar rover in a game set on the moon. It’s a rule.

Something strange is happening on the moon. Your only companion will be the lunar station AI; you will have to build a relationship with her and uncover the mystery together. There will also be some degree of robot combat and some puzzles.

When is the mystery of the moon Release date?

the Mystery of the Moon the release date will be somewhere in 2023. The Steam API release date shows March 15, 2023 as the launch date on SteamDBbut that was last updated 2 months ago and that’s far enough away for that to change.

It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on with this game – for example, the player is shown driving what appears to be a completely normal car in a forest at one point in the trailer. If you are as interested as I am in knowing where this leads, you can add mystery of the moon to your wishlist on Steam.


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