100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago: 1947, vandals break tables, benches and even a boat for firewood | Features



JUNE 26 – The 8-year-old son of Mr and Mrs RH Austin narrowly escaped drowning in Port O’Connor on Sunday. Little Preston was bathing and strayed too far, according to reports, and was swept under. He was rescued as he descended for the final time and, after receiving first aid, quickly recovered from the effects of the bad experience.

GH Hensley returned from the San Francisco Shriners Convention on Sunday. He says all of Frisco was a town of red caps.

Miss Annie Nelson of Inez has accepted a post at the Queen Confectionery.

JUNE 30 – Miss Alma Carpenter and Carry Baldwin, who have been employed by the United States government in Washington for the past few years, are expected to return home around July 20. The young women will leave Washington tomorrow and travel to Boston and New York, where they will board a steamer in the latter city for New Orleans. They expect to visit Houston a few days before coming to Victoria.

Members of the Men’s Bible Class and their guests, 76 men in all, enjoyed a sumptuous barbecue at the Pumphouse last night. The committee, made up of JP Pool, WJ Porter and RC Wilson, had everything ready when the guests arrived. There was grilled beef and mutton, frozen watermelon, salad, coffee, pickles and bread.


JUNE 27 – GV Pritchard, business manager of Victoria Public Schools, was installed as president of the Lions Club, at a picnic-meeting of the club on the grounds of the pumphouse. He succeeds RC Pickett.

Mrs. EL Jecker Sr. reportedly did as well as expected at DeTar Memorial Hospital today after fracturing her right leg in a fall at her home, 306 S. Liberty. Mrs. Jecker, widowed, is the mother of Miss Bertha Jecker and EL Jecker Jr.

JUNE 29 – Vandals who smashed tables and benches in the city park to use as barbecue wood finally culminated their criminal efforts by smashing a boat anchored in the river for firewood, report CC Wofford and Lee Dromgoole.

The excitement, which has been building as the one and only motorcycle race of the season approaches, will peak when, at 1 p.m. sharp today, the referee gives the starting signal, and some 25 full motorcycle jockies, colorful badges, astride their trusty mounts, roar down the half-mile oval of Bill Lindsey’s Track, with the deafening, deafening noise that only a herd of motorcycles can produce.


JUNE 28 – Lawyer journalist Linda Harsdorff displays a drawing of Victoria’s new seal designed by artist Tom Jones. The seal is supplied to the City of Victoria by Victoria Bank & Trust Co. and will also be incorporated into an official city flag. It features the Six Flags theme in a colorful design. a large woodcarving of the seal is also provided to the city for use in council chambers.

Rowland Elementary School student Henry Simmons has been notified that he is eligible to compete in the National Special Olympics at the University of California from August 14-18.

JULY 2 – The Agriculture Committee of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce has planned to publish a brochure showing the comparative prices of beef 20 years ago and today. There will also be a price comparison of other consumer goods, such as automobiles and clothing. The committee felt that the housewife and the general public are not fully aware of the price situation.

Perhaps the least known school in Victoria is the School of Radiologic Technology, which has been held since 1967 at Citizens Memorial Hospital. Due to its specialized nature, the number of graduates is never very high. The current class has only three.


JUNE 27 – Over 100 volunteers from the United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth are in Victoria to brighten the summers of many needy Victoria residents. The UM ARMY began in 1979 with the participation of 39 people from the First Methodist Church of Houston. Since then it has grown to include 20 different churches across East and Southeast Texas with approximately 2,200 participants in all. Participants have been staying at John Wesley United Methodist Church and Holy Family Catholic Church in Victoria since Sunday evening. This group of volunteers, who pay $120 each to participate in the program, is made up of approximately 30 adults and 70 high school students who work in 15 shifts. Each team performs minor repairs to the homes of people, discovered by local agencies, who are in need.

JULY, 1ST – Roses are starting to bloom again in the Victoria Rose Garden, just in time for the grand opening of the renovated garden. The roses bloomed in April, when the grand opening was to take place. But the rain forced a postponement to Mother’s Day. The rains returned on Mother’s Day and washed away the festivities. Now that the buds are starting to bloom again, organizers have postponed the grand opening to 7pm on Thursday – and are hoping the rains will stay away this time. The National Weather Service says no rain is forecast for Thursday, which is expected to be partly cloudy with highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s.


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