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The world of anime presents a dazzling variety of characters who come from all walks of life. From lovable shonen protagonists to complex seinen anti-heroes and sincere shojo heroines. Typically, these characters are single and single, so they are free to explore the world and discover themselves. However, older characters are more likely to be married.

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Not all married anime characters live in a happy marriage. But there are many marriages where only death itself can separate the loving couple. Tragically, the anime has many examples of marriages that ended in the death of a spouse. On the positive side, these two spouses really loved each other until the end.

ten Soichiro and Sachiko Yagami challenged Kira together (death note)

sachiko soichiro yagami death note

Light Yagami’s father Soichiro is the leader of the NPA and a sworn advocate for justice and law. Unlike his son, Soichiro will never compromise on his principles for his own gain. He was willing to give his life to capture Kira and ultimately lost his life in the line of duty in Death threat.

Soichiro perished after fighting Mello’s henchmen at a secret base. But until then he and his wife Sachiko were married and they both wanted Kira’s head. Despite the constant stress and danger, Sachiko made it clear that she will stay by Soichiro’s side until the end.

9 Isshin Kurosaki is still missing Masaki (bleach)

isshin masaki bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki’s parents are both involved in the Hollow and Spirit world, but for years he had no idea. Captain Isshin Shiba saved Masaki’s life after an artificial Hollow attacked, and Isshin gave up his powers to save Masaki from the Hollow’s lingering powers. Then they got married.

For years the Kurosaki family was happy. Tragedy struck when King Yhwach of the Quincy Empire stole Masaki’s powers so that he could not retaliate when Grand Fisher attacked. Masaki is dead and Isshin has been in mourning ever since.

8 Kyoko and Katsuya Honda are proud of their daughter (fruit basket)

tohru kyoko katsuya honda parents fruit basket

During the main events of Basket of fruits, Tohru Honda (the heroine of the shojo) is an orphan who is greatly missed by her parents. Kyoko and Katsuya both passed away early, but they were both madly in love during their limited time together.

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Kyoko was a troubled delinquent until Katsuya met her. When Kyoko was older, they got married and had a wonderful daughter together. When Tohru was a toddler, Katsuya died of an illness. Years later, Kyoko died in a traffic accident. However, they never stopped loving each other until the end.

seven Thors gave his life for his family (Vinland Saga)

thors vinland

Years ago the mighty warrior Thors belonged to the dreaded Jomsvikings. Eventually, he grew tired of the war and faked his death to start a new life on the Icelandic coast. He was not alone, however. Thors flees with his new wife Helga, the daughter of Chief Jomsviking.

Thors and Helga married and had a daughter, Ylva, and a son, Thorfinn. When Thorfinn was a boy, he tragically witnessed Thors disappearance during his battle with the cunning Askeladd, leaving a huge hole in the family. Helga was devastated, but she had the inner strength to move on and support the family. Thors will be missed.

6 Trisha and Hohenheim Elric had a relatively normal family (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Van Hohenheim is no ordinary man. He is a few centuries old and is a living Philosopher’s Stone, which has distorted his perception of himself. He considered himself a monster, until a girl named Trisha Elric accepted him for who he was. When Trisha was old enough, they married and had two sons, Edward and Alphonse.

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Trisha Elric never saw Hohenheim as a monster, and she berated him for calling herself that. Hohenheim was moved to tears and he definitely loved Trisha more. Sadly, Trisha died from an illness while Hohenheim was away, and Hohenheim longed to join her in death. Finally, he did.

5 Jonathan gave his life protecting Erina (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Anime JoJos Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Jonathan Erina Wedding

Jonathan Joestar was Joestar’s first hero in Jojo, and he quickly grew closer to Erina Pendleton. Jonathan risked his life to save her and defeated his nemesis Dio Brando – so the two got married. Everything seemed to be fine when the Joestars boarded a steamboat bound for the United States

That’s when Dio hit, and the ship was on fire and overrun with zombies. Jonathan gave his life to stop Dio once again, and Erina narrowly escaped the wreckage and was later rescued. She had little left of her beloved husband, except for their unborn child, the future George Joestar II.

4 Joichiro and Tamako Yukihira Cooked for Love (Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma)

yukihira family food wars

Soma Yukihira learned essential lessons about food and love from her parents, who both worked at the family restaurant. Tamako might have been a bad boss, but her enthusiasm and optimism were infectious. Her husband and son both followed her example.

When Soma was around 12, her mother collapsed and quickly died of a heart defect. Joichiro and Soma were heartbroken, but they honored Tamako’s legacy by always cooking for the people they love. Tamako would be proud.

3 Maes and Gracia Hughes were inseparable (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

maes and gracia hughes

Hohenheim and Trisha are not the only tragic spouses in the history of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. There is also the Hughes family, made up of husband / father Maes, lovely wife / mum Gracia and their young daughter, Elicia. For years, they were the perfect happy family.

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Shortly after Ellicia’s third birthday, Maes was killed by the Shapeshifter Envy. Gracia was devastated and poor little Elicia barely understood what was going on during the funeral. Colonel Roy Mustang, meanwhile, was determined to avenge his fallen friend.

2 Minato and Kushina died together to defend The Leaf Village (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki never met his parents during their lifetime, but through flashbacks, Minato and Kushina’s relationship was revealed. Minato once saved Kushina’s life, and they later got married. Kushina was soon pregnant with their son. It was then that Obito Uchiwa struck.

On the night of Naruto’s birth, Obito and the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked the Hidden Leaf Village and Kurama was sealed inside newborn Naruto Uzumaki. Minato and Kushina both gave their lives to save the village and their son in the line of duty. Sure enough, only death and an Akatsuki-level threat could separate them.

1 Byakuya and Hisana Kuchiki were soon torn apart (bleach)

The Kurosaki family aren’t the only death-torn ones in the history of Bleach. Years ago, Rukia Kuchiki’s big sister Hisana ran away and married the noble Kuchiki family. Byakuya broke family law by marrying a commoner like her. Despite this, the two were happily together for about five years.

Hisana fell seriously ill and, on her deathbed, asked her husband to find and adopt the little sister she had abandoned. Byakuya did as his late wife asked him to, but this tragic loss shook him and greatly affected his character.

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