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The Mask of the Legend of Zelda Majora released on Nintendo 64 shortly after the massive success Ocarina of time for the same system. The game was led by Eiji Aonuma and has grown in just one year. Shigeru Miyamoto and Yoshiaki Koizumi designed the three-day loop around which the story and gameplay would revolve.

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The game felt a lot like a darker, weirder subversion of the usual Zelda formula. The eponymous princess only makes a cameo appearance in a flashback, and the series’ recurring big bad Ganon is nowhere to be found. There is a very dark and existential tone that permeates the whole adventure, leading to countless fan theories.

ten The happy mask seller is Shigeru Miyamoto

Happy mask seller collection

Many claim that the Happy Mask Salesman has many physical characteristics that resemble Zelda designer Shigeru Miyamoto like his hairstyle and smile. On his backpack is displayed a mask of what looks like Mario, another character created by Miyamoto.

As part of the promotion of the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman appeared as a guest for Miiting – usually reserved for developers like Eiji Aonuma or Miyamoto. The Happy Mask Salesman also seems to have a level of omnipotence that only a creator could have.

9 Majora is an alien

Majora cropped

The “moon” which descends towards Termina is not at all a moon. If it did, there would have been visible tidal forces caused by its gravitational field. It is also not large enough for its impact to pose a threat on a global scale. Majora sent this object down to Earth and collided within three days.

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This indicates that the moon is, in fact, a vessel with a course and trajectory marked out. At the end of the game, Link goes to the moon to stop Majora once and for all. It’s basically him boarding the ship to thwart its invasion of Termina.

8 The happy mask seller is a ghost

Cropped happy mask seller

In the game, Link speaks to the spirits of those who have passed away, such as Darmani III of Snowhead and Sharp of Akana Valley. The theory is that the Happy Mask Salesman is another of those spirits since Skull Kid killed him when he stole his mask. The vendor shares many attributes with the ghostly poems in the game, such as his musical skills and ability to use magic.

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When the vendor finds out that Link failed to retrieve the Skull Kid mask, he responds by grabbing Link and shouting, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?! “That’s because he can’t rest until Link puts his mask back on.

seven Cremia is in love with Anju not Kafei

Anju Cremia cropped

One of the longest and most difficult side quests in Majora’s Mask reunites Anju with her fiancé Kafei. At the Romani Ranch, players can speak with the namesake of the ranch. She mentions that her older sister Cremia is pining for someone in Clock Town, but does not state her name or gender.

When Kafei goes into hiding, Anju’s mother accuses him of running away with Cremia. However, when asked about Clock Town, Cremia said: “In town … I have a friend. Her name is Anju … Anju … The day after tomorrow is her wedding. “This might suggest that her feelings for Anju are much stronger than she suggests.

6 The Events Show Link Become a Stalfos

Twilight Princess HD Cropped

The champion who trains Link during the events of Twilight Princess is declared to be the same Link version of Ocarina of time. In Ocarina, one of the Kokori tells Link that anyone who gets lost in the Lost Woods who isn’t a Kokori becomes a stalfos – the enemy skeletal knights who roam Hyrule.

It has been theorized that Majora’s Mask shows how Link has become of a stalfos. At the start and end of the game, Link is seen riding with Epona through the woods, seemingly lost.

5 Masks are death masks

Cropped Majora masks

In ancient Egypt, it was common to create portraits of deceased people to help the god Anubis guide their minds to the realm of the dead. One of the most famous examples of these is that of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which is on public display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

These death masks were believed to contain mystical powers, much like the masks Link acquires during the events of Majora’s Mask. So if these are the aforementioned death masks, then who is the Anubis? This would be the one who tasked Link with bringing them together in the first place – the Happy Mask Salesman.

4 Skull Kid is the Imp from the Story Told by Anju’s Mother

Cropped Forest Kid Skull

Long ago, the Four Giants vowed to the peoples of the four worlds to hear their cries for help. Dismayed by the departure of his friends, an imp caused misfortune in each of the four worlds and was banished to the heavens as a punishment from the giants.

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The theory is that the sky where the imp was banished was actually Hyrule from Ocarina and the imp is Skull Kid. He mentions at the end that Link feels like the one who played the Ocarina to him during the events of the previous game. In an alternate timeline, Skull Kid returned to Termina and stole the eponymous Majora’s mask from the vendor.

3 Termina was created by Majora to break the link

Termina Champ Cropped

In the world of Termina, there are several characters with their own routines and daily quests, and it is impossible to complete them all within the three day time limit. When Link plays the Song of Time, he keeps the important quest items he earns, but everything else he gets is canceled.

It basically forces him to solve people’s problems, reap the rewards, and then abandon them to their fate when he rewinds time. Majora subjects Link, the hero of the time, to a world with people he cannot save in an attempt to break his spirit.

2 The story represents the five stages of mourning

Majora Cropped Negotiation

Another theory is that each section of the game represents one of the five stages of grief. The citizens of Clock Town deny that the moon is falling and continue with their daily routines. When a mojo princess goes missing, the king accuses an innocent monkey and sentences him to death because he is blinded by anger.

A goron hero dies trying to save his village and tries to negotiate with Link to bring him back to life. When the offspring of a zora named Lulu are kidnapped by Gerudo pirates, she falls into depression. In Ikana Valley, Link is rewarded with Luminous Arrows, representing enlightenment or acceptance.

1 The link is dead

Majora's Mask Game Over Cropped

Why would the game incorporate the five stages of grief? The theory is that Link comes to terms with his own death. Link starts the game by falling from a tree trunk and lands in a completely different world. During the game’s start and endgame sequences, the Happy Mask Salesman also asks Link: “You have met a terrible fate, haven’t you? “

This terrible fate is the death of Link. The name of the world “Termina Field” resembles the word “terminal”, which indicates that the world is purgatory that Link must overcome to reach his final abode.

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